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  • Museum Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    in Art Museums Art museums can serve as a therapeutic tool, especially for elders. Paring a museum environment with art therapy techniques can help encourage people to better themselves within a comfortable setting. Art therapy generally has the same amount of benefits as any other therapeutic practice. By partnering art observation with writing or discussion, self-awareness is experienced and encouraged. The article at hand researches the effect art therapy has on elders within a museum…

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  • Mint Museum Art Analysis

    During our many outings’ around Charlotte I have learned a lot about Charlotte and what it has to offer. Going to the Mint Museum by far has been my favorite outing because I have never been to an art museum before and it was very interesting to learn about the artist featured there and their artwork. One painting stood out the most to me during our time at the Mint Museum. I believe this painting depicts my journey through life and how my mom has been the backbone for my family and me. It…

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  • Economic Problems In Elizabethan England

    Today London is known for its stupendous attractions and sights. London has always been an important city of England. London is one of the most voluminous cities in the United Kingdom. But, it was during the Elizabethan period of the 16th century that London transpired and grew to be what it is today. London reached a new level of preeminence during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (History402). In London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth was said to be the worst place to live. Crowded cities in…

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  • Bankside Visit Essay

    Five reasons for a bankside visit The Thames is the soul of the city of London; people from faraway destinations have one objective of being as close to Thames as possible. The area from the famous London Bridge to waterloo along the banks of the river Thames is one of the most gorgeous stretches which are beautiful and has a picturesque location, my friends at the park lane hotel used to be near this place for hours at stretch. The stretch is quite large and when you get immersed in the silence…

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  • National Gallery Of Ireland Case Study

    Similar to many other museums, NGI’s website provides information to the public such as details of exhibitions, visiting times, learning, research and the museum shop. It also provides public access to the museum collections. The front-end application to the archives is “Doras” which may be accessed from the website, while the backend archive system is iBase, a digital…

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  • Reflective Essay For Museum Education

    nature of the museum world. During one of our group debates about showcasing unethically acquired Native American remains, I realized that the conversation shifted from the museum to the importance of culture within society. Again I saw the need to create programs and exhibitions that would promote discourse about these subjects. The course allowed me to formulate my own ideas about museum ethics and start brainstorming ways to effect change in society and make improvements in the museum…

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  • Informative Speech On Autism

    locations that are autism friendly when traveling. Today I am sharing 10 top world museums you should visit when traveling with autism. NYC Natural History An interesting museum that incorporates a room that catalogues its own history called the Research Library’s Memorabilia Collection. Not only will you see dinosaurs, Chinese robes and rare books but you will see everything in between at the NYC Natural History museum. Learn interesting tidbits about the Aztecs and other civilizations as you…

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  • Native American Indian Art History

    In 1941, the director of Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Rene d’Harnoncourt and Fredric Douglas, an anthropologist and curator of American Indian collections established an art exhibition, Indian Art of the United States in the Museum of Modern Art. It was organized by prehistoric art, living traditions, and modern-day Indian art. The exhibit included art from prehistoric carvers in the West, Northeast Coast, and engravers in the Arctic, sculptors of the East, hunters, woodsmen, planters and…

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  • Essay On Detroit Public Library

    The Hidden Symbolism Behind the Detroit Public Library As I stepped into one of the huge reading rooms in the Detroit Public Library, or DPL, I was filled with awe. The massive room, coated in decorative plaster and artistic images, felt surreal. The beautiful architecture of the Detroit Public Library is unforgettable and a trade mark of the city beautiful movement. The history of Detroit and its Urban Form defines how people interact with the city today. It ultimately forms various Ways of…

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  • Glenbow Museum Analysis

    Visiting a museum has always been a top priority, since it not only house the ancient cultural history but also communicates in a symbolic manner to all age groups. Today the very concept of the museum has undergone a drastic transformation. Museums in contemporary times are not restricted to ancient people and history, but museum today comprise histories and impart stories of human beings. As a result there are different types of museums focusing on diverse issues such as eco-museums focus on…

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