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New York

Bright lights, breathtaking views, and thrilling nights are what I want to see in New York.
The “Big Apple” has always been intriguing to me. Historical monuments, outrageously priced clothes, the city of lights is where I want to go. New York has many fascinating qualities, but in my eyes the nightlife, broadway shows, and the Staten Island Ferry are most interesting. New York is known as “The city that never sleeps.” Times Square is where the action happens. Known as “The center of the universe.” It is one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections. Neon lights flash and cars rushing by honking their horns. While walking the busy streets of New York the loud voices never end. The buildings are astonishingly tall and eye catching. In the busy lights during the night you can see the famous Hershey’s store with the
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Broadway is not only a geographical area, but a state of mind. ‘There is talent, costumes, singing, dancing, and great performances. Broadway, a dream and love for actors, actresses, singers, and dancers. Broadway is to plays and musicals as Hollywood is to television and film. It is nicknamed “The Great White Way” because it was one of the first streets in the United States to be lit with electrical lights. Millions of lights on theatre marquees and billboards still light up the night sky along Broadway. A New York gem is the Staten Island Ferry. The water is gloomy, however, when you ride the ferry here and there, the white trail of water that follows is remarkable. If you go in the time of day just before the sun sets, the sky sometimes turns an odd shade of peach. From the ferry you can take in views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Governor's Island, New Jersey, the lower Manhattan skyline, and the Brooklyn Bridge. A three story high ferry with a deck all around it so you can enjoy New York’s lights. This ride is free of charge and a great way to see New

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