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In Londinium, Boudicca battled, killing everyone that was around her. All the torches the Iceni held were flaming red, orange, and yellow. Her red hair was whipping in the wind as she fought to make things right for her people. She faced a certain harsh death, but her spirit of courage still lives on with us today. Boudicca was born around 25 A.D. in Celtic, Britain. Her mother and father are unknown, but she did have a brother named Ban. Her education is unknown to us today. She did not have any famous works or hold any honors or medals. Boudicca’s husband is Prasutagus. He was the king of the Iceni tribe. Boudicca had two daughters named Tasca and Comorra. They were raped by Romans, and Boudicca was not very happy about that. What …show more content…
They could own land, have religious freedom, and have political freedom. They had much power in Celtic. But the Romans disagreed with this concept. Many of her rights were taken away, and this is the backstory of how it got to this point of the decision to fight. You may ask, “How did the Romans take power from Boudicca’s daughters?” Nero declared that no power was to be given to the two daughters because he didn’t want them taking over power from inheritance. I think that he just wanted the power all to himself. So, I would call him selfish, unlike Boudicca. What do you think happened to make him do this? Boudicca was a woman in history which made her even more important. Women in these times in Rome did not have the same rights or personal freedom that men did. Standing up to an empire when you were a woman was a big deal, and many women were not as courageous as Boudicca was. So, to add another description, she was filled with courage. Boudicca was a very good leader of the Iceni tribe. In conclusion, my perspective on Boudicca changed a lot. It changed from just the queen of the Iceni tribe to a person who was a great leader of a tribe who fought for her rights against the Roman

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