Tang Empress Wu Zetian Analysis

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Pharaoh Cleopatra and Tang Empress Wu Zetian were one of the few women rulers. Both of them became strong rulers, during a time of mainly strong male rulers. Although their style of ruling was different both of them were successful rulers. Each one of them used different tactics to become rulers. They were both ruthless in their desire to gain and keep power. They would eliminate potential rivals, even if it was their own relatives.
Wu Zetian was famous in Chinese history because she was the only woman who ruled in her own name. She was also the only woman in Chinese history to rule as emperor.
Wu Zetian became a favorite concubine of the new emperor. The old emperor died and Kao Tsung became the new emperor. In spite of him being married;
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Her ruling brought about social changes that stabilized Chinese dynasty and ushered in the Chinese civilization.
These women fought a good fight but Cleopatra lost the fight at the end. After the death of Cleopatra, Rome still took over Egypt. Wu Zetian’s polices did cause a transformation in the Chinese Dynasty and were of great historical importance. She ruled during the time of Confucian beliefs, that having a woman rule would be as unnatural as having a "hen crow like a rooster at daybreak," during the most glorious years of the Tang dynasty a woman did rule, and ruled successfully (Brennan 2014).
To counteract this belief, she made it her business to start a campaign to elevate the position of women. I believe Chinese culture is still in fighting right today about the acceptance of the elevation of women in high positions in society and so is the United States especially when it comes to politics. I believe we are further along than China when it comes to the acceptance of leadership from women.
Both of these women were courageous. During their era men were the dominant figures and to be a female ruler during this era of time was a great accomplishment. I have to applaud both of these women for standing up and trying to make a difference in their

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