Shi Huangdi Achievements

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I will be telling you about all of China. The geography, religion, the leaders, arts, literature, and education.
The leaders of china were Shi Huangdi was the first emperor of the Qin dynasty and he united china as one nation. Shi Huangdi started the Great Wall Of China and that was a great success that he started the Great Wall Of China. Shi Huangdi was form on them. He died in 210 B.C and then the Qin dynasty started to die out fifteen years after he died. Lu Bang was the first emperor of the Han Dynasty and became emperor in 202 B.C. The Han Dynasty lasted 400 years and there civil service system based on Confiams
The Gobi desert was dangerous because where it was located and because people would rob you when you would travel on the silk road. Also there was a river called the Yellow River because of the soil which was called loess. Some of China’s rivers would overflow and the farmers were very great full because it would get the soil rich. The Himalayas border India and China and there are mountain passes in the Himalayas so people could go through. One of the great ideas they had was The Great Wall Of China. The purpose of The Great Wall Of China was to keep out China’s enemies.
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They raised silk worms and and they spun the silk. If they told anyone then the punishment was death. Also the silk helped them make their clothes. Also another one of their achievements were paper, silk road, and The Great Wall Of China.The Great Wall Of China was a great achievement because it kept out their enemies. The Great Wall Of China took many years to build because it was so big. Now the silk road was great because it was a good trade route but it was dangerous because there were robbers who could attack you. So when you would go place to place it was very dangerous and the price would go higher then it was

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