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  • Cherokee Language Research Paper

    According to the Native Americans Language Website, Cherokee originally means “people with another language.” When the Europeans first came to America, they learned that the Muscogee Nation called this particular group of Indians, Cherokee, hence why they were introduced as the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee’s native name for themselves was Aniyunwiya. They came from an Iroquoian descent and settled in the southeastern part of the United States. Years later, they have accepted being named as the…

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  • Causes Of Tuscarora And Yamasee War

    2016/9/28 Jeff Chen Tuscarora and Yamasee War Since the founding of America in 1492 by Columbus, the conflict between Native Americans and the settlers has always existed. When the settlers first came to America, the Indians welcomed them to their land, but the disease that the settlers brought from Europe wiped out a huge population of Indians. The settlers went for land and fortune, they often enslave the Indians, take their…

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  • The Native American Speech: The Trail Of Tears

    Not many people know or have heard about the Trail of Tears. It might be a subject that some people avoid because it was such a horrible tragedy. The Trail of Tears was a forced Indian march that took place on a very long trail of 1,000 miles that led to an established Indian Territory. Our government were the ones behind this and thought it was right to remove them from their homes. These people suffered even some them died on their journey. In the end if they did survive the trail their whole…

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  • Jacqueline Cochran

    II. Many people believe that women have been overlooked during this time period. I hope to expand your knowledge a little more on this topic. Jacqueline Cochran birth name was Bessie Lee Pittman. She was born on May 11, 1906 in the ghost town of Muscogee, Florida. Sadly, she was an orphan. Her family and she lived in poverty their whole life. When Jacqueline turned eight her family and she moved all the way to Georgia where she started working on the family cotton mill. At the young age of only…

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  • Customer Service Job Analysis

    Getting a great education is essential in making sure that you have your future set up correctly. Getting a degree in whatever area is your strong suit, is a great first step. You want to make sure that your education is going to give you the correct tools to use later on in your life. Christopher Manning of Cape Cod got his degree in Economics from the great University of Oklahoma. He now runs his own hospitality business in Cape Cod, and is quite successful at it. The University of Oklahoma…

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  • Social Power In Colonial America

    was put into place after the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which was created during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. It granted the federal government the right to forcefully relocate many Native American nations, such as the Cherokees, Chickasaws, Muscogee, Creeks, and Seminoles from their homelands to western states, like Oklahoma. The people who were part of the Trail of Tears got separated into groups and these people underwent horrendous weather, diseases, famishment, and even death. Another…

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  • North South Dbq

    Prior to 1860, secession had not been viewed by many as a feasible option for America’s future; however, the precedent set in 1820 by the Missouri Compromise, that the country should engage in an endless political balancing act to perpetuate peace, became difficult to maintain long-term. Compelling sectional fears and differences, intensified by the increased popularity of the abolition movement in the 1850s, expedited the arrival of a rupture that, in retrospect, seemed almost inevitable.…

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  • Summary: The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

    The Native Americans are the original Americans. At one time many tribes lived as hunter gatherers and farmers made of different tribes spread though North America for numerous years. However, through the settlements of the New World by Europeans, unfair treatment from state and federal government, slavery, and suffering (diseases like smallpox, measles, influenza, whooping cough, diphtheria, typhus, bubonic plague, cholera, and scarlet fever. All imported by the Europeans, to which they have no…

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  • Trail Of Tears Effects

    The effects of the Trail of Tears When we think of the first people in America, whom do we think of? Of course, Christopher Columbus comes to mind. Yet, the first people on land were the native people. Native people were the first people to set foot on this soil, long before any white person. Regrettably, the federal government brutally attacked and removed from the Indians from homelands that they dearly loved. Native people was forced to walk thousands of miles to a specific place “Indian…

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  • American Red And Black: Stories Of Afro-Native Identity, By Alicia Woods

    Afro-Native Identity, Racism and Preservation In American Red and Black: Stories of Afro-Native Identity, Alicia Woods tells the stories of six individuals who identify as both Native American and African American. The film’s style is raw and direct as Woods eschews any personal narration of her own, choosing instead to feature only the words of these individuals (Vella, Jolene, Sequoyah, Tall Oak, Richard, and Minty). Through their telling of their own stories, these individuals offer glimpses…

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