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  • Reflection Paper For Strernino

    Viviane Macias Fall 2015 MKTG2201 Cinthia Satornino In my class of Introduction to Marketing with Prof. Satornino all the students had to participate individually in the simulation on Market Place. The simulation was divided in six stages and each week we had to work on them. Before starting the class I already knew that there was going to be a simulation that was going to be graded. I knew that in the other classes of introduction to marketing the simulation was in groups, so when I learned…

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  • Benevolent Lies Analysis

    Hill brings up a series of principles of autonomy and three specific cases of benevolent lies in order to show that how those principles of autonomy reject the benevolent lie in the specific cases. In the ideal of autonomy, it is against benevolent lies by claiming that benevolently lying restricts people to acquire the real information about their situation (Hill 264), so benevolently lying infringes the autonomy of the one who is deceived. Then, his lists out two possible objections of his…

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  • Taking A Look At The Balanced Scorecard

    In order to improve an organization, they have to be able to measure results. The organization has to build a metric system based on the priorities of the company 's strategic plan and business vision. Once the metrics have been created the organization can then design the processes necessary to collect the information and reduce the information to the digital form for the managers and executives to go over. Once this information is available, the directors within the organization can examine…

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  • Concept Map Tool Analysis

    This concept map tool was revised from a research outcome by Chang, Sung & Chen (2001) and was used for evaluating the empirical student-created concept maps by Chang and colleague in 2005. The tool assigned weights to the relationship links between the nodes and integrated weighted concept maps into the assessment criteria, so as to help provide a quantitative analysis to display the various learning states of students. The scholars proposed that the learning states contained: 1) a proposition…

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  • Vwm Case Analysis

    collaboratively with key suppliers, to produce high performance, competitively priced reliable vehicles that are sold and serviced through the best deal networks in Brazil. This will appeal to middle and upper-class consumers. Analysis The strategy map in Exhibit 4 and Balance Scorecard in Exhibit 5 help with the implementation of the new strategy. This is further discussed below in the strengths and weaknesses: Strengths: If one looks at the Brazilian flag, the national colors are yellow…

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  • I Was The First Day Of College

    done and ended up hurting me in the end. I was facing a building I didn 't know the name of, I started to panic, so I started walking. I wasn’t going to turn around and go back into the building to look like the confused freshman I was to get my mind in order. Therefore, I turned right at what I now know is Magruder and headed towards the library. Once there, I still had no idea where to go to get to…

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  • The Importance Of Mind Mapping

    What is mind mapping? It is very easy to become overwhelmed with all the information around us in today’s day and age. The minute we wake up our mind is already performing mental gymnastics, trying to figure out how to get all the tasks done. Even with all this meteoric advancement in communication through other dispensable forms linking and absorbing information. Productivity should be sky-high with the immense amount of resources. However that is not the case when we are supposed to manage…

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  • The Importance Of Mind Mapping

    Research Planning What did this activity involve you doing? This mind map involved me creating a visual map of the key concepts and main ideas of netball. This meant choosing subheadings that were areas of netball that are important or areas that interest me. I chose 10 subheadings these were Coaching, Training, Fitness, Diet, Fitness Components in Netball, Income, Positions, Jobs, reaching a professional level and also Umpiring. This task then involved me adding to each subheading to…

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  • Mind Mapping Case Study

    2.8 Mind Mapping Strategy To shape the understanding of mind mapping technique, in the following section the researcher would explain about : the definition of mind mapping, the characteristics of mind mapping, the principles of teaching using mind mapping technique, how to implement mind mapping technique, and the advantages of mind mapping technique. 2.8.1 Definition of Mind Mapping Mind Maps were popularized by author and consultant, Tony Buzan. He used a two-dimensional structure, instead…

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  • Essay On Technology In Psychology

    give you mental treatment intrigues a mass amount of people. This is why there is a prevalence of technology in today’s psychology. Research and trials are being held to see how far one can use technology to solve and discover the mysteries of the mind. The use of technology in therapy and psychology has increased abundantly in the past years, causing psychologists to fervently advance this technology for the future. The first instances of the use of technology being applied to psychology were…

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