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  • Dante's Inferno As A Mathematical Model

    Mathematical models are used to organize large amounts of data to evaluate and consider for any decision. The first sentence of our book states this direction. "The underlying theme of management science, also called operations research is finding the best method for solving some problems…" (1) Operations Research enables planners to make choices in areas that is useful in the management of organizations. Operations Research combines a number of mathematical systems using, statistics,…

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  • Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

    This took arduous mathematical modeling and computation through the MATLAB software. I contributed in implementing the chassis and motor design my utilizing AutoCAD. Another important project I’ve worked on was a three-element Windkessel Model, used to represent a pulsatile flow in the arterial system of the heart through a MATLAB simulation: a healthy unobstructed model and one in which hypertension caused a defect in the parameters used in the mathematical model to simulate the portrayed…

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  • Ten Principles Of Good Interdisciplinary Teamwork

    This paper by Granovetter looks at the correlation between the level of network overlap and network strength. Namely, the paper looks to answer the following question: Is the degree of overlap of two individuals’ social networks correlated with the strength of their tie to one another? Furthermore, Granovetter provides a socioeconomic perspective on the implications of social tie strength- looking at tie strength and job acquisition. Granovetter interviewed a random sample of 54 individuals from…

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  • Bolzano's Conception Of Analysis

    is a very well established and developed field of mathematics. It is well known that analytic proofs are very strict in nature and to prove anything in analysis requires a careful consideration of the behaviour and characteristics of the proposition on hand. Before analysis became as well founded as it is today, there was no standard of rigor for analytic proofs. So, many mathematicians gave analytic proofs that were heavily based on spatial and geometric intuition. Bolzano believed that relying…

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  • Stream Of Consciousness Essay

    The primary experimental features of my piece pertain to tone and narrative voice. Mainly, this is evident in the story’s third person stream of consciousness narration, and innately contradictory tone. In undertaking such experiments, my writing exists within, but also develops and challenges, broader social, cultural, and literary frameworks. Thus, to contextualise my project, it is necessary to examine influences on my thematic approach, and the technical intricacies of my writing. Firstly,…

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  • Superman To The Rescue Article Analysis

    In the article Superman to the Rescue: Simulating Physical Invulnerability Attenuates Exclusion-Related Interpersonal Biases (Ackerman, Bargh, & Huan, 2013) Julie Huan, Joshua Ackerman, and John Bargh set up a number of studies including a pre-test, study one, study two, and study three to demonstrate the relation between physical invulnerability simulation and positive or negative reactions to being excluded in social situations. They also consider how the reactions of exclusion can change when…

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  • Gender Differences In The Social Network

    Introduction The personal network being assessed is based on support networks. The entire network was separated into two tables: a strong tie network and a weak tie network to be evaluated more closely to either support or argue against the claims of literature on social network ties and support networks. The networks were studied using various measures, including: network size, average tie strength, age homophily, female proportion, ethnic diversity and homophily, kin centredness, total…

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  • Finance Case Study: Potential Investment

    Potential Investment Project 3 The third investment that Indian River’s management team asked Constand Consulting to analyze and discuss involves choosing between two different projects, W and C, which are systems of disposing of wastes associated with another product, frozen grape juice. Both systems have an estimated three-year useful life; the project selected will probably be repeated at the end of its life into the foreseeable future. Since the waste disposal projects have no impact on…

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  • Math Anxiety Research

    INTRODUCTION Students of all levels of education experience math anxiety. Math researchers define math anxiety as a ‘feeling of tension and anxiety that interferes with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in ordinary life and academic situations’ (Finlayson, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to examine how math anxiety impacts children? Also what we can do as School Psychologists to prevent and help manage math anxiety in children. This paper will go over the…

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  • Most Difficult Elements Of Defamation Essay

    What do you think are the most difficult types of claims for emotional damage to prove (types of lawsuits) and why? I think the most challenging type of tort is defamation of character because you have to prove actual harm. Elements of defamation involve a defamatory statement that is published to someone other than the plaintiff and the defendant. The plaintiff must prove that the defendant made such a statement and that they (the plaintiff) suffered as a result of the defamation such as loss…

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