Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

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Engineering, it is a profession that requires one to think creatively: forcing one to leave a comfort zone into the perplexing; while it may be daunting, it excites me. I have studied chemical engineering as an undergraduate and there was never a dull moment, I enjoyed it to the fullest. However, I have innate enthusiasm in Flow Physics and Computational Engineering, a specialty in mechanical engineering in which I plan to pursue. My fondness of it enhanced because of my professional and academic involvements.

In my professional experience, I’ve used my fundamental knowledge in engineering at various firms. As an intern at Industrial Sonomechanics, I designed and completed a packaging system for the various processing reactors to reduce
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This took arduous mathematical modeling and computation through the MATLAB software. I contributed in implementing the chassis and motor design my utilizing AutoCAD. Another important project I’ve worked on was a three-element Windkessel Model, used to represent a pulsatile flow in the arterial system of the heart through a MATLAB simulation: a healthy unobstructed model and one in which hypertension caused a defect in the parameters used in the mathematical model to simulate the portrayed effects on a vessel. As well as to demonstrate how a vasodilator aided in the altered parameters. I have taken a graduate course in Chemical Kinetics/Reactor Design, in which the professor encouraged the class to construct mathematical models for catalytic reactors and bioreactors for cell growth, and then compute the necessary factors. Contemporarily, I am working on two research projects at City College: one with Professor Rumschitzki on the transport and reaction aspects of artery disease (atherosclerosis), and with Professor Fan on microfluidic applications. In the microfluidics research, we are using microfluidics applications to design functional materials at the micrometer-scale used in various industrial and academic settings. We are also aiming to build functional porous materials with tunable geometrical, mechanical, and surface chemical properties. To note, all the projects I’ve worked on were a collaboration with my fellow peers which could not have been done without them and taught me valuable lessons in teamwork in a setting other than

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