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  • Analysis Of The Article 'Group Minds' By Dorris Lessing

    Dorris Lessing is a well-known British woman who is a very talented novelist who wrote the article “Group Minds”. In the article Lessing argues how it is in human nature to conform to the group even while knowing we can make our own decisions we continue to follow. Lessing’s states, “My mind is my own, my options are chosen by me, I am free to do as I will” (652). This quote portrays that this is the minds set of your average individual, but in reality these dreams fall short. In Dorris…

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  • Burden Of Proof Case Study

    Burden of Proof: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt If one is studying law, one should be familiar with the burden of proof and how it may be confusing to understand what beyond reasonable doubt is in criminal cases. If not, burden of proof is where the duty is placed upon a party to prove or disprove a disputed fact, or simply which party bears this burden. In a criminal case, the burden of proof is placed on the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, which means the evidence presented…

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  • Case Study: Southern Equities Corporation Ltd.

    PRETLOVE: IMPROPERLY OBTAINED DOCUMENTS In Southern Equities Corporation Ltd (In Liquidation) & Ors v Bond & Ors , the Court was asked to determine whether the tendering of transcript from a previous hearing that went to the credit of the defendants was an abuse of the court’s process and should not be allowed. Lander J, the presiding Judge, undertook a lengthy analysis of the legislative provisions that provide for the admission of documents. Lander J ultimately found that the court has a…

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  • Straw Purchaser Analysis

    The “straw purchaser” stipulation was a harmless error because it did not affect the outcome of the District Court proceedings. While Kotteakos, as Petitioner may point out, concluded that the proper test was not whether the jury’s decision was correct, but rather the error’s potential effect on the jury’s decision-making, recent interpretations of harmless error analysis suggest a departure from this holding. See Kotteakos v. United States, 68 S.Ct. 1247 (1946). The Court’s analysis in recent…

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  • Case Study: Anderson V. Ken Anderson

    The Evidences- where the case went wrong: According to the file there was just one evidence against Morton and that evidence was a note found at the crime scene. That note was signed with “I L Y,” for I love you, and “M,” for Michael, who was Christine’s husband. (Bazelon, 2012). That note was all about a husband’s anger over his wife as she did not let him have sex with her at the night of Morton’s birthday. But that of course was not an enough evidence to prove someone guilty of homicide. It…

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  • Modern Day Math Research Paper

    things as land and buildings in early Egyptian history. However, it is two mathematical texts that the Egyptians left behind that have made the most impact on modern day mathematics. The Moscow Papyrus, dated back from the Egyptian middle kingdom 2000-1800 bc and the Rhind Papyrus, dated from around 1650 bc. Both are mathematical text that have contributed to modern day math. The Moscow Papyrus for example, is a mathematical text that is filled with what we would call word problems or math…

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  • Discrimination In Eliza's Essay

    Eliza has brought a claim against the ISP alleging that she is a victim of discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The basses of Eliza’s claim comes from the fact that the ISP refused to offer her light duty work after she informed them that she was pregnant. In order to prove that one was discriminated against under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, one has to establish the prima facies elements which were set up in McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. Green, 411 U.S. 792, 93 S.Ct. 1817…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Self Defence

    Self-defence On the 4th of April, 2016, a matter was heard in the Supreme Court regarding Nicolas Blyton and the co-accused, Tim Cairns, charged with the murder of Blyton’s father. The key legal issue that was addressed during the trial was the commonly invoked ground for the use of defensive force, self-defence. The relevant provisions of the Criminal Code 1899 (QLD) (‘The Code’) establishes a defence of self-defence covering the relevant circumstances in which the use of force can be used. In…

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  • Rabbit Proof Fence Analysis

    What sort of impact did the film have? Political: The former national Liberal leader John Hewson stated: ‘John Howard and his ministry should, as a matter of compulsion, take the first opportunity to see and discuss the movie Rabbit Proof Fence. And, not just because of this move, they should immediately say "Sorry!" along with, and on behalf of, the rest of us.' Did the film have an affect on you personally? Ie.) Did it change your way of thinking at all about Australia and/or…

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  • Anti-Skeptical Argument Of The Brain In A Vat

    Approaching the conflictions regarding the controversial skeptical argument of the Brain in A Vat there can be many flaws or holes seen within the argument itself, Moore’s Proof, the Anti-Skeptical argument, and Modus Ponens. Throughout all of these examples many flaws or counter examples arise that can either help or reject the argument by themselves, but when using all together you get a better stance on the argument. Upon closer examination of premise one, I know that I have hands only if I…

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