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  • Comparison And Contrast: Charles Sanders Peirce And William James

    The two authors I chose to compare and contrast are Charles Sanders Peirce and William James. One outstanding similarity between these two authors is that they both promoted the philosophy of Pragmatism. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pragmatism as: “A reasonable and logical way of doing things or of thinking about problems that is based on dealing with specific situations instead of on ideas and theories”. The core of pragmatism is what is known as the pragmatist maxim. This is…

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  • Miracles: The Scientific Revolution

    This method is a way of discovery by forming an idea and proving or disproving it. One important aspect though, is that the proof must be repeatable. Miracles, according to Hume, have no proof, because they do not have enough uniform experiences. This means that not enough people have observed miracles, to validate their existence. He claims that “a miracle is a violation of the laws of nature” (p 771). He…

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  • The Joy Of Pi Analysis

    In his book, The Joy of Pi, David Blatner, the author of fifteen books on various subjects, attempts to explain why mathematicians continue to approximate pi to this day. He believes that they continue to do so because it poses a challenge, and it is in human nature to conquer that challenge. He tries to relay this belief to his readers through a number of different methods including, a history of pi, explaining why pi is fascinating, and how pi appears in the natural world. His writing style,…

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  • Vern S Poythress Chapter Summary

    Affiliation NWC Overview: In his book, “Redeeming Mathematics: A God-Centered Approach”, Vern S. Poythress offers a foundational interpretation for all mathematical thought. Driven by his strong love for math along with his strong love for God, Poythress argues that “God’s consistent character and nature are found in the harmony between mathematical truths, our physical world of things, and the personal world of our thinking.” Poythress bases his interpretations on the purity and beauty he…

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  • The Importance Of Math In Christianity

    were discovered, neither did their applications fail to hold. Therefore, mathematics is both abstract and absolutely consistent. In addition to math being the underlying description of everything, it is also a discipline of logical thinking. The proofs of even the most basic theorems are completely logical, and the solving of math exercises follows logical steps to obtain the answer. This logical requirement necessarily verifies the consistency of math since all theorems must be proved, and…

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  • Importance Of FMCG Supply Chains

    output. Unlike this way, optimization procedures seek to operate the production network at minimum queue costs and high output. In particular, for time varying inflows of raw materials and highly connected suppliers this leads to a challenging mathematical…

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  • Personal Essay: Extracurricular Activities Or Work Experience

    and drawn to its innate beauty. Pure mathematics is the study of the general case, and therefore it is the ultimate challenge. When I visited Harvard’s math department and met with staff, it felt like the perfect fit. At Harvard, I hope to pursue proof-based courses including topological spaces, differential geometry, and symplectic duality, and eventually contribute to the field by working on the most pressing questions facing pure mathematics– because today I am even more passionate about math…

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  • Kenneth Arrow Essay

    sensibility.He received his undergraduate at the City College of New York. He would graduate from there with a degree in Science in Social Sciences, but a major in mathematics. From here kenneth was able to really begin his journey into the mathematical world. He started his journey to becoming a great mathematician by receiving his M.A. at the university of columbia. While doing his research here Kenneth meant the statistician economist Harold Hotelling. Kenneth was so influenced by the…

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  • Modeling HIV/Aids

    Review of the mathematical paper Introduction The article that is reviewed today is “An introduction to mathematics of HIV/Aids modelling” by Leigh Johnson published in 2004 for Centre of Actuarial Research for University of Cape Town, South Africa. The article provides an introduction to modelling HIV/Aids transmission as well as survival and focuses on children who lost their parents due to HIV/Aids called orphans. The lack of proper Introduction to the article isn’t easily allowing the…

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  • I Love Basketball Game Essay

    9000000), I try to find and apply math in everything I do. I also turn to my drive to push myself past my perceived limit. Many of my favorite moments are when I look at a problem and have no clue where to even begin, like when I wrote my own mathematical proofs for Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion. Probably the most challenging project I have ever completed, it was also the most rewarding. It reminded me why I love math and most especially the beautiful, logical way Calculus combines the…

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