Pt1420 Unit 3 Assignment

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Data collected prior to placement such as Oneschool information and previous assessment items assisted in the lesson planning by allowing me to identify not only the students’ academic levels to date, but also note that all students spoke English as their first language, none of the students identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and there were no students with disabilities (1.3 - 1.6 AITSL, 2011). The summative assessment for the topic, and curriculum expectations also informed the foundations and content of the six lesson plans (2.1 - 2.3 & 3.1 -3.2 AITSL, 2011).
However, the data collected during placement such as, discussions and observations were equally as important. Observation number one was that the smartboard was not
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There are opportunities for students to build on their creativity, strengths, and interests by acting as mentors or moving into higher levels of the abstract concept of geometric reasoning. Peer mentoring is also an effective form of scaffolding and can assist weaker students. In addition, the class discussions are an opportunity for students to articulate their individual needs and learning styles. The development of higher-order thinking is constantly encouraged through explanations, which are presented in multimodal formats (Pashler et al., 2008). Discussions about geometric properties encouraged students to think about how the theorems worked and how they often related to each other. The incorporation of quizzes, promotes interest in the class, encourages strong engagement, and uncovers any misconceptions while to building the positive relationship between the teacher and student. The relationship between teacher and student makes the classroom is a safe environment to discuss individual learning styles. (DET 2015). Additionally it allows the teacher to adapt the lessons to the individual meet the needs of students (Department of Education and Training). The geometric trivia encouraged students to think about how geometry is used in everyday situations and question why and the challenge questions were designed to encourage student to take their skills and knowledge and apply them to unknown

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