The Influence Of Mathematics In Plato's The Republic

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Throughout time, mathematics has always had an influence on society and its ideals. However, the presence of mathematical application is especially present in Plato's The Republic, and especially its effect on mathematical education. Plato's ideas on mathematics education can give reason as to why math influences many other subjects and can encourage critical and abstract thinking in young students. This includes giving students the ability to think abstractly, apply math to all other subjects, and to be able to think critically and to reason with the numbers that surround the society we live in. Although one might argue that man can still be successful without math, the field of math is everywhere and is applicable to all career fields. …show more content…
There have been many phases in this country, including STEM, STEAM, and creativity education, just to name a few. However, according to the philosopher Plato, the field of mathematics is the most important subject that a child could ever be educated on. In The Republic, Plato gives this quote for the importance of mathematics: "Further, have you yet noticed that those who are by nature good at calculation are, as one might say, naturally sharp in every other study, and that those who are slow at it, if they are education and exercised in this study, nevertheless improve and become sharper than they were?" (Plato 178) Through use of this quote, one can see truth to Plato's belief of how mathematics can have influence on other subjects. Math enables quick thinking and gives humans the ability to apply their logical-mathematical skills to other subjects. For example, many would believe that the subject of English has no mathematical background, but the skill of reasoning, which can be gained from the subject of math, can be applied when reading a novel or thinking critically about a given passage. However, the education of math is not only applicable in school, but also careers. Even certain fields such as psychology and social work require quick thinking and statistical analysis, both of which are learned in a statistical math class or even higher-level proof math classes. Math is not just applicable to the subject of math but is important because of the skills that are gained from the classes, in addition to the material that is taught.
Supplementing the claim that a mathematics education is important, Plato also stated that math enable students to reason with numbers and think

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