Difference Between Education And Democracy

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Education and Democracy are entangled in American history and thought. Each one shapes the other. Plato mentions the cycle of cities and soul. The best city is the aristocracy, followed by a timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, and tyranny. The type of souls to be found in the city are a philosopher, timocract, oligarchy, democrat, and a tyrant, respectively. Each form is a degeneration of the previous. Each one of these cities and souls has their own desires that reflects how they are ordered The desires and structure of a democracy are born out of the ashes of the oligarchy that came before it. An oligarchy is ruled by the few. These few have a great amount of wealth and power concertation. In the Republic, it is stated that an oligarchy turns …show more content…
If everyone is not equal and free, no man is equal and free. It is of utmost importance that student of the democratic education be taught that we are all brothers and sisters. Race, class, and gender are just words and classifications. We all came from the Earth; we will all go back to the Earth. Because of this, it must be stressed that it is not moral to discriminate because on race, class, or gender. No one was the right to deny anyone the opportunity to succeed. However, only opportunity is guaranteed, not …show more content…
One big aspect of education is to answer the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” This has the implication that we have one duty that is fitting to us. One must find it, master it, and through it become a just person, doing his own business and nothing more. This aligns with Socrates definition of justice. Empowerment is what allows people to take charge of their lives, to be involved in society, to realize that there are faults in the system, and to stand up say something. Education is what allows many people to escape poverty, realize poverty can be solved, and go advocate that this problem can be solved. Empowerment can lead to justice. A person found what they want to do in life and nothing more. They stick to their own business.
The education system produces a taste, knowledge, and persons compassion and enlightenment. We go from ignorant, blissful individuals, protected from the problems in the world by mom and dad to enlightened persons who want to change the system. We do this simply because we are human and feel compassion. The education system is not support of a democracy defined by Socrates. This system one more supportive of socialism. The enlightenment provided by education is the down fall of democracy. One comes to realize that it takes village to raise a child. It takes collective action to change things. A person will realize the inequality not only in the education system, but life

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