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  • Conformity And Rebellion In The Handmaid's Tale

    Behind every action, there is a driving force. Whether explicitly stated or hidden, there are reasons behind every single thing people do. In the Handmaid’s Tale, one of the most prominent motivators is fear. Fear of being caught by the eyes, sent to the colonies, or being punished by commanders and their wives is shared by nearly every citizen of Gilead. There are also individual concerns specific to separate characters. Overall, fear is the driving force behind the conformity and rebellion…

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  • My Personal Values: My Value Of Friendship

    The world is designed in such a way that every person should face challenges at least one time in his/her life. Some people make experiences over them, some of them are doing the same mistakes again, some just forget and some people never forget. I think I am the last one. I don’t have principles, likewise, I have values, which are much stronger and keep me alive. They are the key stones of my life. They are making my life more valuable and when one of them is hurt it affects all my mood,…

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  • Isolation In Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card

    In the book Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card shows that isolation can control an individual. Even today, when a person is isolated stress and anxiety can affect your thought process. The main character Ender Wiggin is presented with different conflicts throughout the book. He realizes all through the story that he must take things into his own hands. In the novel, Ender’s Game Orson Scott Card leads the reader on a journey to demonstrate the effects of internal isolation, external isolation and…

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  • Theme Of All Summer In A Day

    The short story All Summer in a Day, by Ray Bradbury shows how many people don’t think about the results of their actions and reveals that many people do not pause and look at the consequences for their actions and reveals that if people aren’t thinking before they act they will really affect someone. In this short story there are many examples of when someone on Venus suffers because they do not contemplate the consequences because of their previous actions. Each 9 year old has an experience in…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Fun In Family Trip In School

    Everybody started teasing us and we blushed blushed and blushed. ‘Hey, we have to move for classes. We can’t waste our time like this’ said Anwesh and everybody left. I went to 6th class and explained one unit. Thank god, children cooperated with me. next I went to 5th class and nicely taking class and Abhishek entered like principal. ‘Good morning sir’ students wished him. ‘How is the teacher?’ he asked ‘Good’ replied one of the students. ‘Are you all troubling her?’ he asked again. ‘No’…

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  • Dubai Metro Challenges

    Question for a group of visitors 1- What kind of challenge do you face while travelling in metro? It’s very crowded, which mean that I should hold on to overhead bars close to seats in the hope of being the first to sit down when someone gets up to leave. Sometimes I have to stand the whole journey and I’m very tired when I get to work. Other challenge that sometimes you can miss the metro. 2- Will you be happy if metro starts in Fujairah city? Yes, it would be convenient to travel in distant…

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  • Analysis: The Candle Of Attitude And Circumstance

    The Candle of Attitude and Circumstance The word “crisis” seems to be viewed with negative connotations in our society. Crisis appears to be evil and full of difficulty and disappointment. What many of us tend to forget is that crisis is vital to us in the journey of life. Why? Because with crisis comes change. There are people who find the idea of crisis to be very attractive, are these people mad? No, they are actually quite amazing and what sets them apart from the people who fear crisis is…

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  • Transformation In Scary Story Essay

    Transformation is often used used in stories used in stories meant to scare us. In our own lives we are often scared of change whether it's for the good or bad. In scary stories transformation occurs mostly in objects, settings, and humans or living creatures. Transformation is very much often used in scary stories to elicit fear. Its often very scary when settings or objects or living beings transform to something bad or ugly because it's weird to think that something was transformed to…

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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay About Depression

    Hi, im bernadette! A little about me.. I love taking photos, making videos,directing, live streaming our high school games I have ADD, or aDHD according to the doctors, generalized anxiety and i'm depressed. I am going to be totally honest here. I do not want to sugar coat what i am.. Depression has been a part of my life since i was a child, so I don’t know myself without it. So before i get into these stories, im going to say that a lot of the names in here are pseudonyms. Before my story…

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  • Comparison Between Macbeth And Two Conflicts In Shakespeare's Macbeth

    I think that Macbeth, and I, while very different, have a lot of the same conflicts in our lives. We both have peer pressure being put on us, we both feel guilty when we do something bad, and we both have a problem with overthinking everything we do. When Lady Macbeth pressures Macbeth into stuff, it's like when my friends try to pressure me into things that I know aren't right, and could get me in a lot of trouble. They are the same, because they both show how friends can easily change your…

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