Mathematical anxiety

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  • Matthew's Behavior Assessment System For Children: Case Study

    The Anxiety scale is an indication of the adolescent’s tendency to be overly nervous, fearful, or worried about real or imagined problems. Matthew’s self-report of his anxiety fell within the Average range (Anxiety, T =39). Matthew indicated “sometimes” little things bother him and he feels guilty about things. When asked about his feelings, Matthew explained…

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  • Narrative Essay On Low Self-Esteem

    that kind of thinking, my self-esteem and confidence in myself and whatever work I produced was well below sea level. Due to being homeschooled from first grade through high school, I had little-to-no social skills; which led to me developing social anxiety. And, as a result of the low self-esteem, non-existent confidence, and lack of human interaction, I secretly struggled with depression for nearly ten years. More than once I found myself writing a “goodbye” to my family and picking up my…

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  • Conscious Awareness Essay

    widely accepted that, there is a strong attentional bias towards threat or negative valence stimuli for high trait anxious individuals (Mogg et al., 2000; Fox et al., 2002; Tamir & Robinson, 2007). It was further found that individuals with low trait anxiety tend to be more avoidant of threat stimuli, and do not have an attentional bias as a result. It is suggested that possible theoretical mechanism behind this may be that anxious individuals have a lower threshold for appraising threat (Mogg,…

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  • The Benefits Of Moving Back To College

    Anxiety grips most situations because of the unknown regardless of it being a new engagement into something that was once very familiar. Starting anew in college is one of those endeavors. A greater part of US society has attained some college and even though more are on the path to completing a degree, re-enrollment still requires major adjustments for some. Acquiring a degree, rerouting an agenda for unfamiliar reason then deciding to rejoin the college population can bring about many…

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  • Exam Dream Reflection

    ineptitude. This got me thinking about the nature of fear and failure as it pertains to all things not just scholastic . The fear of being not good enough sometimes shatters and delays us and as emotional creature. The fear and acceptance of the fear and anxiety are paramount for success in all things not just school or the activities that align themselves with hallowed halls and corridors laced with lockers and the pitter patter of shoes. The nature of the fear of failure does not limit itself…

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  • The Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

    When a person experiences a traumatic event, their brain stores all of the memories and details into the back of their mind. During random places and random times, sometimes after years have passed by, their mind will unexpectedly send those details and memories back to the persons conscious thought. It is such a scary experience, because that recall of those memories playback in almost the exact way as if the event had occurred over again just now. It is a very disturbing situation and it can…

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  • The Role Of Fear In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows it.” These words of wisdom were written as a Japanese Proverb. This quote is trying to explain that the fears someone has can only be as scary as that someone allows them to be. If people allow fear to enter their thoughts, it can make them make choices that they would not do if fear was not inside them. This theory is exemplified in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. In this novel, Abigail Williams blames many people for witchcraft in an attempt to claim…

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  • Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand: Character Analysis

    Awareness in resilience means to be aware of the situation one is currently in, one’s own reactions and the behavior of others. In Unbroken, written by Laura Hillenbrand, the main character, Louie, was faced with starvation and becoming mentally insane. Because of Louie’s awareness, he prolonged three lives (including his own), broke a record of being stranded at sea and created inspiration for people all over the United States. When one is stranded at sea, starvation is a huge dilemma they…

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  • Stress Informative Speech

    My muscles are tensed up, my heart is racing, and my hands are starting to sweat. Am I stressed out about this speech? Yes? No? Maybe. We all have felt stressed at least once in our life times whether it be for a speech, for an exam, or in your relationships with those around you. Not only have I felt stressed, but I have also read some articles that I’m willing to share with you about all the things there are to stress. I will inform you about what stress is, the good side of stress and the…

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  • Taboos In Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita

    Prohibited focuses in general society field are enormously fragile in light of the way that people are exorbitantly fearful or humiliated, making it difficult to perceive talks that are respected undesirable. This related or brought in lead is passed down beginning with one period then onto the following. While differentiating more prepared periods' acknowledgments with more present day, twenty-first century perceptions on "what may be discussed", there is an unmistakable prudery in the past and…

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