The Quiet American Conflict Analysis

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While conflict often has detrimental acute consequences to those involved, long term benefits can usually be found. When conflict occurs, short term suffering as a result is often detrimental to the society it affects. However the lessons learned both by individuals and by nations as a result can often be fundamental to the progress of either the individual or group. Conflict will often create a resolution to a long standing issue or tension between individuals or groups. Adversity and conflict often build character in those involved. However when a country is colonized and a nations culture becomes suppressed, benefits of the conflict are often hard to come by, most especially for the culture that has been over run.
Adversity builds character in those who are most affected by it. While those who suffer from conflict, often do so unwillingly, more often than not, if they are able to fight their way though and come out intact on the other side, they will have developed immensely as a human being. Tough times can show individuals a lot about themselves, who they really are, and what they really know about the world around them. These lessons will often benefit them throughout the course of their lives. In the novel, the quiet American, British ‘correspondent’, fowler, is a man who moved to Vietnam to escape
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In all conflict there is some form of loss associated to both sides. Wars cost not only money, but the lives of soldiers and the fate of nations. The cost to a nation who has its deepest cultural roots upturned and are forcibly converted by colonialists to another way of life, are huge for all those involved, most especially those being oppressed. In the quiet American, the Vietnamese people suffer as a result of the French and American attempts to regulate and colonize a peace and freedom loving nation that posed no threat to

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