Cultural Conflicts Between Culture And Racism In The Movie Crash

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Register to read the introduction… In addition, they are also experiencing class struggles. America is a country, which is made up of immigrants. If there weren’t a great number of people from all over the world move to the US, there wouldn’t be a multicultural and diversified America now. Nevertheless, the differences among cultures cause plenty of conflicts like racism. Those characters in the movie “crash” each other not only because of racism, but also because of the different social class they are in. Most of the characters are in a relatively low class that they are not very …show more content…
Then, Ryan releases all his anger on the black director couple. Because he is refusing by an African American doctor, he begins to have bias to all African American groups. The difficulties Ryan feels because of one black man make him wants to get back at all black people. So, he uses his power and insults the black couple.
Hansen, the partner of Ryan, can’t understand and bear Ryan’s behavior of insulting the black couple. He requests to change his position and on his way home, he gives one of the black car thieves a drive. The car thief is extremely grateful and he wants to be nice. However, his jokes make Hansen very uncomfortable and angry. When the young man tries to find a puppet in his pocket for Hansen, Hansen shoots him.
Even though Hansen seems so noble minded at the beginning, he seems like the only person who doesn’t have biases to the black community. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of biases deeply in Hansen’s mind. He believes the young black man is finding gun, so he shoots the young man for self-defense. Racism is deeply in Hansen’s mind, he just doesn’t want to
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Pule defines cultural conflictions as when people find differences in personal goals and values during communications, and the differences might threat each other. Cultural conflictions happen because people’s behavior, lifestyles, traditions, religions, languages and social classes are extremely diversified.
People are having conflicts because they are acting too selfish. They always place their personal interest at first rather than collective interest. Our culture is the main cause of this result because the society today takes individuality much more important than working together. We are only thinking about “myself” not “ourselves”. When people are acting selfish, it is difficult for them to understand each other. That’s why the conflicts begin to appear.
Avoiding serious cultural conflicts not only require our beliefs to understand other culture, but also require our abilities to do so. It is vital for people to globalize their minds. People should learn more diversified knowledge and travel more. In this highly speeded developing 21st century, conflicts are also a stabilizer for different countries and people. Those cultural, religious and racial conflicts bring everyone new ideas and thoughts to the

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