Diem's Fight For Freedom: The Vietnam War

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Vietnam, a war based on lies. The Cold War’s increasing belief that the spread of the communist power would mean the end of freedom. "Reality is grim and painful. But it is only a remote echo of the anguish toward which a policy founded on illusion is surely taking us.” -John F. Kennedy. The American takeover of the newly born South Vietnam that hurt the people more than it helped, taking on a series of destruction and devastation rather than assisting and strengthening. The 11 year war that sparked a movement where greed and imperialism was challenged by the people. The conflict that lead to the first loss of freedom. (#6, p.1) Vietnam’s fight for freedom began post World War II, after an attempt from the French empire to reclaim …show more content…
Pressure from China and the USSR started pouring in on North Vietnam to pursue and takeover the Democratic/Republic South, a sign of hatred to the United States. As a result, in 1957 Mihn started terrorism based attacks to weaken the already fractured morale of South Vietnam. The small attacks eventually escalated to the same level tactics used against the French invaders, guerrilla warfare. Diem in response to these advances called upon the broken army of South Vietnam to start repelling the attacks, labeling its new enemy the Viet Cong. As war raged between the two Vietnams, increased supply lines started to come in from the USSR and China, sending masses of weapons and ammo to the Viet Cong. Losing village after village, city after city, Diem called upon his one ally, The United States. As the United States was trying to remain out of war, they only supplied military advisors, weapons, ammo, and larger sums of money to try and stabilize the shaky Army of the Republic Of Vietnam (ARVN). The attacks continued on and off until the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. (#3, …show more content…
Firstly the Viet Cong were supported and supplied (mostly) by the USSR and China to assist in the spread of communism. They were pushed by the objective of reuniting North and South Vietnam under one rule. After the infiltration of US troops on Vietnam soil, The Viet Cong learned to use their home field advantage, helping with strategic positioning and planning against the new invaders. The tactic used by them was known as guerilla warfare which, is fast paced attacks that supplies more mobility against larger groups of enemies, and in turn was perfect for the dense jungle environment. The Viet Cong also had many land personnel based plans which allowed for the spreading of the opposing forces and also being able to inflict high damage to a large area. While the Viet Cong were using lower tier weaponry, they countered with highly strategic planning and positioning, using fewer troops to take down any enemy that would cross their path. On the contrary the United States had a larger and more advanced arsenal. Along with the arsenal came the copious number of troops at the ready, over half a million US Soldiers along with 850,000 South Vietnam soldiers held a high numerical advantage over the 250,000-300,000 Viet Cong. The US soldiers had better and more intense training, but

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