My Brother Sam Is Dead Character Analysis

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The Troubles of War
In the hardships of war, you must fight for what you believe is right or things will never change. In the book My Brother Sam is Dead, Tim and his family face many troubles with the ongoing war. The war is brutal and effects not only those fighting it, but those around it. Unfortunately the people must do desperate things in order to cope with their desperate situations. Sam and many others leave to go fight in this war when they do not realize how harsh war really is. War is brutal.

One way the authors of this novel argue against war is how they describe the brutality of it. Almost all of their characters in Redding are against the war. They do their best to stay completely out of it and argue against those who want to fight the redbacks.”Go Sam. Go. Get out of my sight.” This is an example of a family being divided.Another example is “ Stand back Sam or I’ll shoot you in the stomach”. Tim must threaten his brother in
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Throughout the book it is seen that not only are the characters against the war, but the whole setting, plot, and endless amount of reasons are given throughout the book on how war is an absolutely horrible situation to be in and is hardly ever worth it because of the countless losses of family members and other valuable items. One quote that proves my point further says,” And I carried my best friend’s body back to his mother-sewed up in a sack. Do you want to come home that way?” This quote is is from the character Mr.Meeker who has experience in war and knows just how hard it is. He describes the details that he had witnessed when he was in battle. Another quote that he says is,” Do you think I want to hear a wagon draw up one summer’s morning and go out to find you stiff and bloody and your eyes staring blank at the sky? Sam it isn’t worth it.” Right here he tells Sam straight out that war is not worth

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