Symbols In On A Rainy River By Tim O Brien

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Attention Grabber: In our society, we all long for a feeling of acceptance by our peers and we detest the feeling of being left on the outside.
Introduce literature used: On a Rainy River by Tim O’Brien
Thesis: Acceptance of plays a role in the responsibilities that we put upon ourselves, this is demonstrated through the character of Tim O'Brien, metaphor and tone of the story. Body
Body Paragraph 1
Main Idea: Tim went against his personal values and took on the responsibility of fighting in the war to avoid being shamed in his town.
Topic Sentence: Through the character of Tim O’Brien, we recognize the compromises that are made because of societal responsibilities are given by the community.
Point 1 – Supporting evidence and details, including
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I feared ridicule and censure.”
He eventually goes to war disregarding his personal beliefs to conform to his communal expectations. “I would go to the war—I would kill and maybe die—because I was embarrassed not to. “
Transition Sentence: The plot gives us a deeper insight into the decision made by Tim O’Brien. Body Paragraph 2
Main Idea: The plot is a metaphor of the human mind when making tough decisions
Topic Sentence: We might see the plot as the author giving biography of his life before he went of to war however, the plot is a metaphor of his thought processing before he goes off to war.
Point 2 – Supporting evidence and details, including at least 1 or 2 quotations from each text
Tim’s summer job and his plan to go to canada and him chickening out is a symbol for his mental state in between the time he got the draft letter and his decision to go to war. “I couldn't sleep; I couldn't lie still. At night I'd toss around in bed, half awake, half dreaming, imagining how I'd sneak down to the beach and quietly push one of the old man's boats out into the river and start paddling my way toward
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Point 3 – Supporting evidence and details, including at least 1 or 2 quotations from each text Through the story, Tim struggles to make a decision and the amount of internal trouble it causes him is shown through the diction and word choice. “I went through whole days feeling dizzy with sorrow. I couldn't sleep; I couldn't lie still.”
Tim has a feeling of regret for taking on a responsibility that he wasn't comfortable with. (going to war) “but it’s not a happy ending, I was a coward, I went to war.”
Transition Sentence: The author’s style of writing reinforces the message of the story in relation to responsibilities taken on ourselves based on communal acceptance.

Re-wording of Thesis: We often compromise our beliefs and take on responsibilities based on communal expectations.
Summary of Main Ideas: The irony of the plot, the tone and diction of the author and the character of Tim O’Brien were used by the author to emphasize the role our environment plays in the responsibilities that we take upon ourselves.
Generalization: The approval of our communities is often put upon a higher pedestal than our own personal beliefs and

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