What Are The Challenges Of Stress In College Students

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Many of us face challenges everyday in our life, sometimes there is good or bad ending depending upon the circumstances. Our whole life we struggle in a way or another. We can’t run away from our problems yet it’s always best to tackle them with being positive but not every time it’s easy as one may assume. Well I can definitely say these struggles reshape us in a way or another and dealing with such struggles might have changed who we are or how we later approached life. Today students of all ages and different degree levels are reporting record highs in stress, which is an overload far too common across today’s college campuses, Also I would like to point out all other major conflicts that a college student goes through and how hard it’s becoming for a student to keep up with his goals and is college a place to learn or is it becoming something else. First of …show more content…
Most Americans are known to encourage stress as a top leading mental health problem. There is huge amount of research showing that stress enhances performance like focus attention, speeds up cognitive processing and allows our mind to take in gobs of new information. Thus this makes experience more salient, adding a sense of purpose and source of learning, progress and growth. After all stress response, a psychophyiological activation has been preserve through evolution to assist us to meet the demanding challenges that life throws at us. According to Stanford psychologist Alia Crum people see stress as a challenge recruit a set of positive emotions .these emotions allow people to get engage in activities without going through debilitating effects of stress on body systems. Stress actually emboldens them, pushing them to engage in challenges and pushing them to face it rather than running from

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