The Cause And Effects Of Stress In College Students

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Everyone in the world experiences stress from time to time in their life. Stress is a strain on the brain and or the body that results from a demanding circumstances or situation. Stress can range from short-term, long-term, or recurring (National Institute of Mental Health, year?). People who experience stress tend to be agitated easily, have a difficult time relaxing, and have headaches, stomach aches, insomnia, and many other symptoms. If ones stress is long-term, the effect of having these symptoms could be very detrimental to their health, more than it already is. Heart disease, obesity, and even depression are linked to having long-term stress. Therefore, stress is something that people in general have a problem with and need reduction …show more content…
Any event that college students see as stressful play the role of the stressor. For family resources (B), researchers have mentioned three resources that could potentially help alleviate the stressor which are the individual members, the community, and the collective family (Wilmoth & Smyser, 2009). In the case of college students, many find it that they use themselves and music as a resource. They could also use the community, which could be counseling or the universities health center as a resource also. The perception of the event (C) depends merely on the individual. A freshman could see being away from family as a serious stressor whereas another freshman could see it as a new beginning and not has stressful. Finally, if the individual cannot adapt to the stressor, a crisis will occur …show more content…
The hypothesis is that there is a difference in effectiveness of music genres when it comes to the reduction of stress. The independent variable is music type or genre. The dependent variable is stress.
This study was conducted at Towson University. Towson University was the institute that was used because it was convenient at the time in which the study was conducted. For a research methods course, students were asked to conduct research on other students at the university. There was no money funded to this research and also a limited amount of time to collect data for this study. Keeping the location of the study at the university made it easier for the researchers. The participants of this study included 77 college students. There were 58 females and 19 males who were included. All of the students participated in this study during a Family Studies 101 or 201 class. There were 22 freshman, 12 sophomore, 29 juniors, 13 seniors, and 1 listed as other. The average age of the participants was 20 years of age. Racially, the participants were Caucasian (61%), African American (14%), Asian (9%), Latino/a (3%), and Multiracial

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