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  • Foucault's Culture

    Approach The Soviet 60s had similar cultural processes to those in Western Europe: it was a time of intellectual protest and liberalization. While France had the Revolution of 1968, the Soviet intellectual started liberty rights movement and in the 1970s, they were ostracized as dissidents. Strikingly, Bakhtin’s culture theory has similarities with French philosophical systems of the same time. First, his approach reminds of Foucault’s “History of Sexuality” and Guattari’s “Chaosmosis.”…

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  • Art Deco

    your response. The style that speaks the most to me is Modernism. I like the modern architecture because it is a reflection of the great technical innovations that began to appear in the nineteenth century. Materials such as steel and concrete give architects unreleased possibilities of creation, which makes the style completely unlike anything have seen. What best characterizes and makes me like modern architecture is the utilization of simples shapes, geometrical forms, and the lacking of…

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  • Jasmax Case Study

    company use or suggest the software that they likely to use as well as point out what type of user will utilize that particular software. 2. Company profile Jasmax is a private enterprise type of business. It is one of the largest and leading architecture and practice design firm in New Zealand. With over 50 years of experiences, Jasmax also known as the longest establish architects company. During this time, they have delivered many different types of designs for different area, for example,…

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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Timber Houses

    Timber has been used as a commodity to build homes since times immemorial. Even now, the craze for timbered homes has not diminished at all. Many people across the world love timber. Thus, they have a desire to build a timber house for themselves. Style, comfort and protection are what can be guaranteed to dwellers of timber houses. Style because of the various architectural designs which can be achieved from timber, comfort because they provide thermal insulation such that dwellers can feel…

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  • Architectural Design Relationship And Principles Of Interor Design And Urban Space Design Case Study

    The human factor and relations change, people change, the perception change. We cannot argue that the perception is stable. When people change, the design principles and approaches change. Other than that the principles of design change. The architecture should answer to the new perception of human and era. (Ching, 2015). Paternoster Square The urban places changed, new kind of buildings occurred with new typologies such as…

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  • Urban Analysis: Habraken-SAR Technique

    Reflection essay Habraken – SAR method of analysis Strengths This method of urban analysis looks at the tissue or an urban fabric in two major components, namely buildings and spaces. So a complex tissue is analyzed by looking at it in terms of buildings and spaces. These buildings and spaces are further seen as either thematic or non thematic. When spaces or buildings follow certain rules which repeats itself to form a tissue, then those buildings and space are termed as thematic spaces. Those…

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  • Environment Essay: Sustainable Best Practice In Construction

    Sustainable Best Practice in Construction • Locally sourced construction materials (a) What is it? Locally sourced construction materials are materials produced within a specific distance from the construction site; different certification programs specify a variety of distance. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s (LEED) definition of locally sourced is, “building materials or products that have been extracted, harvested, or recovered, as well as manufactured, within 500 miles of…

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  • Flatiron Building Essay

    engineer, wrote the treatise: De architectura – based on a set of principles concerned with the theory of architecture, also known as the Vitruvian triad. He highlights the importance of structural integrity, utility and function, and the honesty of true beauty defined by a paradigm of, “firmness, commodity and delight.” Vitruvius’ writings established a concept that influenced the craft of architecture developed to be the essential components of successful architectural design as the craft…

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  • Puryear's Art Analysis

    Looking at sculptures and paintings in person or in a museum rather than looking at them on a flat screen can drastically change the way you take in the artwork in many different ways. One good example is the Ladder for Booker T. Washington by Martin Puryear, which, in person, was vastly larger than I expected. When looking at an artwork in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, you get to observe details and witness different focal points that you would most likely miss looking at a computer. In…

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  • Australian Architecture Analysis

    increasing transition from stereotomic to tectonic architectural concepts. This transition was initially responding to exigencies, however poetic functional forms evolved which, in Australia fashioned a variety of uniquely Australian types of Architecture. These Australian types also differed depending on the local climate, with one well-known vernacular Australian architectural type, the Queenslander, developing from several existing styles, and adapted to Queensland’s climate. Tectonic…

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