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  • Carpentry Construction

    Carpentry is one of the oldest and refined trades of our time. The art of building amazing things from basic materials has always been in trend. Carpenters are skilled in many areas of home improvement. Their functions include building and installing staircases, doors and windows, making “built-ins” of various kinds, interior wall modifications, framing for walls and closets, all trim and molding and many more. Basically, all works connected with cutting, repairing and installing wood are…

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  • Modernism In Art In The 1950's

    Modernism in art, in conventional sense, is defined as art from the late 1860s through the 1960s, which examines current (then) artistic, cultural, and social standards. The most common of these being the task that artists face in creating works of that abandons any form of illusionism. By the 1950s through the 1960s, modernism in art was challenged through the ever expanding growth of art reproduction, the art market, galleries and art dealers, and the development of fine art education in…

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  • Architecture In Cedric Price's The Invisible Sandwich

    between different floors of a buildings produce unique qualities for each story. Having distilled the building into abstract terms, Price believes that architecture should serve to “extend the value and usefulness of human life” (Price, 12). In other words, a building should function as a beneficial change. Using sculptures as a comparison to architecture, Price stresses on the requirement for flexible design in preparation of future uses of the same volumes. Also, the writer believes that the…

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  • Benefits Of Slate Roofing

    Slate Roofing: Why It Is An Excellent Choice For A Home In the process of constructing your home and need to pick a roofing material? It may be tempting to go with traditional asphalt shingles, but know that slate can be an excellent choice for a home. Slate has many benefits that make it an appealing option to use during new construction. Consider the following 3 benefits. Slate is Durable Many homeowners love slate because the material is fireproof. Slate also has the durability of…

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  • What Makes I. M. Pei´s Everson's Museum An Architectural Success?

    What makes I. M. Pei’s Everson’s museum an architectural success? Based of Lebbeaus Woods definition of architecture as, “the built realization of a particular concept, or idea. …the concept, or ideas, it embodies are formulated in a unique, and not merely generic, way”, I. M. Pei distinctively develops a concept of form using brutalism. The Everson Museum evokes a spark of interest for the viewer and at first glance the museum seems anticlimactic, but as the viewer enters the space and engages…

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  • Divorce In A Midsummer Night's Room

    from basic inequalities of necessities. Essentially, the workers notice that while the cats, along with the masters, lounge throughout the days, they are working exceedingly long hours with little to no respite. Moreover, the cats are passed morsels of food from the masters. Whereas, the workers live off of rotten scraps of food and struggle to eat enough nutrients to survive. Since the masters employ the journeymen and provide shelter some food, the workers cannot openly rebel against the…

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  • Farnsworth House Architecture

    Space is arguably one of the most important and powerful elements of architecture. Before architecture was the building and making of buildings, now in more recent times architecture is also considered the study and interpretation of space. In terms of architecture space is not empty. It has the potential to become a place where people interact and go about their daily lives. Space utilizes many modifying elements for an architectural reason to enhance the experience of occupying a certain space…

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  • How Is Nick Different From The Other Guests At Gatsby's Party

    1. What I find most crucial in the plot is chapter 1 is the setting. Nick describes his home compared to Tom’s and Gatsby’s mansions. I think that someone who isn't as rich as Tom or Gatsby puts a nice perspective on a more normal look at the two situations. 2. At the beginning of the book, Nick describes himself as the only honest person he knows. He also describes himself as vert literary. He also describes himself as someone who doesn't pass judgement on people. 3. Nick describes Tom as…

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  • Comparing Michel Foucault's 'Space, Knowledge, And Power'

    only meant to say that in the eighteenth-century one sees the development of reflection upon architecture as a function of the aims and techniques of the government of societies”(Michel Foucault,296). It is a narration of architectural idea that was affected by liberalism in the eighteenth century. When I compare the Michel Foucault “Space, Knowledge, and Power” and Mark Wigley “Deconstructive Architecture,”they indicate some differences for philosophy concept and architectural idea. The Michel…

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  • Advantages Of Irrational Tectonic

    Joints is a key for tectonic, tectonic is a key for construction. The idea of architecture design in this exhibition will be different. Comparing to typical design strategies, which means analysis programs need or volume operation, this exhibition starting from smallest component, joint, to face the architectural discourse. How to apply or face the joints of architecture will show the difference attitude we face to our spacial design. Tectonic is a way to connect components, is a kind of…

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