Recovering Utopian Coleman Analysis

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My response to Recovering Utopia by Nathanial Coleman from the Journal of Architectural Education. This article is an intellectual article that works towards defining utopia in regard to architecture and city planning. It includes explanations that make up the dangers and realistic ideals that come along with trying to create utopia in architecture or a utopian city. Coleman describes what makes up utopia in architecture which include as he describes four elements: “social and political content; a significant level of detail in the description of what is proposed; elaboration of a positive transformation of social and political life as key to what is proposed or constructed; and a substantive- ethical and aesthetic- critique of the present as the first steps beyond it, informed by a critical-historical perspective” (Coleman). Along with Colemans description of elements that make up utopia in architecture he states the idea that perhaps utopia has never actually been achieved although we tend to label the modern era of architecture to be the preeminent of utopia in architecture. This article has given me a new perspective on …show more content…
My previous knowledge of what exactly utopia in regard to architecture was, was basically that it made anyone who entered feel like they were entering a paradise or a place that was beyond words and that the design was perfect. I believe that any good architecture should inhabit the four elements in general and not just in attempts to create a utopia in architecture. With this being said, I agree with Colemans four principles however I don’t agree that they are only present or applicable to utopian architecture. I do understand that these elements are difficult to achieve all in one space however I just believe that being able to do so is a sign of an admirable

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