Importance Of Utopia In The Renaissance

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Utopia in Renaissance
Utopia, our city has a great and noble vision that is “investing in the human resource”. All the citizens ' problems could be solved by solving his psychological problems, so the city will care for every citizen’s needs and fancy.

We are now in the year of 2200, Utopia, with 200 years old, is now a city that exceeds all the kind of imaginations. It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, north of Egypt, in the west of the delta. Also the River Nile "Rashid branch" is in the east of our city.
Utopia 's population of 12 million enjoys a Mediterranean climate which Characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters and located between about 30° and 45°during summer and about 5° and 15° during winter.

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Health Care systems is based on Stem cells & Autophagy
As shown in (Figure1), stem cells and Autophagy are a revolution in the medical field. Fig 1.The potential uses of stem cells

The city is mainly depends on Genetic Engineering and urban agriculture Micro farming community gardening and institutional gardens ,In addition to farming some delta lands to feed the utopians.

Utopians have different ages, social classes, and cultures. Of course they have different interests and variety needs and a diversity of hobbies, while there weren’t many places in our city to fit all kind of interests and needs, so we set our target from since 2016 to solve these two problems:

1. The first problem was the citizens ' need spaces for different interests; sports, education, parks, entertainment, health, place to develop talented people.
That problem affected the society connectivity and the quality of life in Utopia and caused a state of general depression, unhappiness and negatively impact on the manners and way of thinking of the citizens, and that unfortunately effected on the performance of the
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The towers have connected the city and increase the land value

Utopians will use these networks to reach the public spaces and travel through the city in a faster way that network will develop the city infrastructure and improve the transportation system.

The project has so many good effects
• Increase the rate of happiness of Utopians and increase the quality of life
• Increase the land value with a good impact on the environment
• Increase the health and the mental health of the Utopians
• Increase the safety and improve the traffic.
• Improve the quality of life for the blind and the disabled
• Connect the blind and the disabled with the community
• Improve the opportunities for the blind to educate well

It must be taken in our considerations that the Ideologies of human nature tend to privacy and rest and recreation, a public space is an any area that a man can do whatever he wants, Public spaces is a need for everyone. Also power of public spaces achieves the progress.

• The three towers consumes a lot of energy may cause a lack of energy in the city ,to prevent that risk the three towers will be provided by any mean of energy solutions mentioned in the infrastructure section like solar

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