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  • Summary: The Early Modern Period

    The Early Modern Period (1450- 1750 C.E.) brought upon the global stage many things. Increased international trade, expeditions, and colonization defined this section of history. New developments were occurring in many places, influencing future order and economic promise, even today. To start, European power grew immensely at this time. Western Europe continued to flourish, producing a series of explorers that would greatly affect both people’s scope of the world and set a new precedent for…

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  • Background Of Coca Cola Company

    The history of Coca-Cola begins in the year 1886. An Atlanta pharmacist named Dr. John S. Pemberton created a distinctive tasting soft drink which was just inspired by his simple curiosity. He created the syrup by mixing it with carbonated water and then sampled it to the customers. Every customer agreed that the new drink was something special and excellent. Therefore, Jacobs’ Pharmacy put the new drink on sale for five cents each glass. The new drink was then named ‘Coca-Cola’ by Frank M.…

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  • Qualitative Approach To The Study Of Pornography

    3) Methodology: While gender equality is increasingly witnessed and promoted within different aspects of lives in the contemporary society, pornography as a recent social phenomenon has commonly neglected females as potential producers, consumers and users. In comparing pornography research conducted in the West, it further noted that majority of the Asian academia have omitted pornography as an important research topic. Thence, the main objective of this comparative qualitative research is…

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  • Hong Kong Tourism Case Study

    which equal to $106 billion dollars (Legislative Council, 2009). Some tourists who do not like spending too much time on transporting are more willing to have a tour in Hong Kong as the strategic infrastructure projects, such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, result in a close relationship between mainland and Hong Kong. It is more attractive for long-distance tourists to visit Hong Kong since the strategic infrastructure projects can reduce tourists’ travel time. The result is that more…

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  • Watson's Theory Of Caring Model

    11. Caring Efficacy Scale The original version, drafted in the late 1980s and refined for application in 1992, had 46 items that attempted to measure caring attitudes, skills, and behaviors on a six-point Likert scale with a self-report format. Since then the CES has undergone a series of additional testing and revision, resulting in the current 30-item self-report scale and a parallel 30-item form designed for use by nurse preceptors/supervisors to rate individual nurses. This additional…

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  • Mao Zedong's Great Leap Forward

    At the late of 20th century, Mao Zedong, communist leader, organized the Cultural Revolution in order to assert the authority over the Chinese government. He declared that the nation’s youth to purify the “impure” elements of Chinese society and to revive the revolutionary spirit that lead to victory in the civil war 20 decades earlier in order to restore the China’s reputation and power. However, his leadership position in government as in the Soviet Union was weakened and failed his Great Leap…

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  • My Motivation To Be A Social Worker

    even communicated with people. She persistently felt anxious to her future life and had hallucination lately. When I was in high school, my aunt was diagnosed as suffering from depression, a seriously one. For quite a long period, my mum stayed at Macau to accompany with my aunt and I went there once a month. I still memorized…

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  • Chinese New Year Legend

    is a symbol of China, it symbolizes power and wealth, so it has become an important part of Chinese culture. Also, this Chinese traditional culture spread around the world, for example, dragon dances and lion dances are more popular in Hong Kong, Macau, and U.S Chinatown (Travel China Guide, 2017). Another Chinese tradition is to setting off fireworks when the New Year comes. It represents Goodbye Old Year, Welcome New Year! The louder sound represents the better luckier will be in the New Year.…

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  • Social Networking In The Workplace

    Social networking is rapidly expanding and has become exceedingly popular over the past decade. The introduction of the Web 2.0 caused a revolution in social networking, with the use of social networking sites (SNSs) becoming an everyday practice in today’s Western society. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have prompted debates regarding the consequences these sites have for their users and whether these consequences are positive or negative (Chan & Saqib, 2015). Social…

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  • Population Density In Canada Essay

    Being the second largest country in the world, Canada has over 9.985 million km² in land area as well as 7% of the world's renewable fresh water. According to these two sets of data, it is inferred that Canada is a rich country; if not in wealth, the country is rich in resources. The size and the amount of water in Canada pose noticeable impacts to both the personalities and also the state of living for the inhibitors in either positive or negative ways. People tend to be more isolated when…

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