Studying Abroad Reflective Essay

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As technology continues to advance, people are now able to connect around the world in staggering numbers. This connection has allowed for people of all walks of life to learn about different cultures, regions, and languages like never before. Another outcome with this mass connection, it has now become imperative to learn on how other countries function and what their culture is like in order to advance in today’s society. From this connection, it would seem that the nations that form the continent of Asia have become more prominent in all fields of study and industry, especially China. China has been projected by many economists and political scientists to become the next superpower and to surpass the United States economically in the near …show more content…
It allows for a glimpse into how the world tries to coexist with each other and how nations react towards other nation’s dilemmas. To be able to study abroad for a semester or more would further my understanding of how the world truly works beyond Susquehanna University. This knowledge on a foreign culture and language, especially in Macau, would become an invaluable asset in my latter work. If I am to become successful and reflect the university in a good light, then having the opportunity to study abroad in a country of my choosing would be priceless knowledge. Knowledge that I could continually apply towards my field of study in diplomacy and Asian studies and excel tremendously. This may be a chance to open new doors and meet new people who can help create and fund my research in Asia and how it correlates to the United States. I will study the language heavily from the country that I study aboard in and fully immerse myself into that culture and compare it to the culture that I had spent my entire life in. I will learn about the laws and policies and see how they reflect those in the United States, also I would gain great knowledge about the foreign relations that nation has in regards to the increasing views of globalization. Studying abroad for a semester and being able to research in depth on what

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