Explain Your Motivation For Applying To This Program

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Explain your motivation for applying to this program. How does the content of this study abroad program relate to your future academic and professional goals? (300 word maximum)

With this study abroad program I plan to further my understanding and knowledge in the management field. I am undoubtedly interested in management and one day I plan to open and run my own gym. On this study abroad trip, I believe being in a hands on learning environment that I will get the best information I can about management. During my life, I definitely want to travel and experience as many cultures as possible. The beauty of travel is that it changes a person and teaches them a lot about themselves. I believe that when you experience other cultures and ways of life you become a more well - rounded person. What better way to learn about a culture, than being entirely submerged in it for a whole month? It would be a
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On this study abroad trip, I want to improve as a person, student, and as a business professional. If I am selected to take part in this program my goal, as a person is to depend on myself and learn about new surroundings. As a young adult going into the professional world I need to learn how to conduct myself in difficult situations. I feel as if I am in a different country other than my own, I will have to manage whatever problems arise and that will help me grow as a person. An academic goal, I set for myself before I even entered college is that I want to finish up my college career earlier than expected. This study abroad program will allow me to finish up my free electives, putting me that much closer to graduating. I want to get a jump-start on my career path, but I also want to keep educating myself about the business world. This opportunity will broaden my horizons while keeping my goals in

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