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  • Fishing Village Case Study

    An urban fishing village in east asia: Fragrant to the glory of god Part One: Description of Context Introduction God’s Word tells us, “ Zhuhai sits along the southwestern bank of China’s Pearl River. It’s oldest area, known today as the Xiangzhou district, began as a small fishing village. The two characters used to write Xiangzhou in Chinese mean “fragrant” and “islet,” respectively. “Islet” likely refers to the land this village occupies among the tributaries flowing into the Pearl River…

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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Book Review

    3. Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Human Dimension Leung holds a PhD in Health Sociology and currently works as a clinician in Queensland Government in Australia. She grew up in Macau and Hong Kong where TCM was an integral part of people’s daily life. Therefore, her research is from a perspective of social science, emphasising the human expression and connection via TCM, in order to present the best core values of Chinese culture (p. viii). Her primary sources are the interviews with 48…

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  • Comparison: American Education Vs Asian Education

    Education varies so much throughout the whole world, there are so many differences between American education vs Asian education. Although subjects are the same learning and even focuses are different. Subjects may even be taught differently throughout the years. Someone who is learning biology in tenth grade could be compared to a student learning biology in seventh grade. Asia's school programs are also different resulting in a 6-3-3 system while American school programs follow the 5-3-4…

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  • Casinos Harmful For Society

    Introduction The largest casino hotel in the world is The Venetian Macau. “This casino hotel is so huge that you could fit 90 Boeing 747 jumbo jets into it” (Rechtig, 2009) Square feet: 546,000 Gaming machines: 3,000 Table and poker games: 870 Restaurants and bars: 24 Hotel rooms: 3,000 CITATION A casino hotel is composed of casinos with accommodation provided in a local hotel. Customers can enjoy of both buildings at once. Since the casino and hotel located in the same premises, guests at…

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  • Dubbed The Age Of Imperialism Analysis

    Dubbed the Age of Imperialism, the 17th-20th century was a time of immense growth and expansion, during which the majority of European states sought to extend their influence and wealth through the expansion of their territories overseas. The promise of economic growth and prestige encouraged European nations to expand their territories. However, eventually the European powers turned on each other to enlarge their own empires. Imperialism began with the division of the African continent between…

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  • Sport In Western Culture Analysis

    Sport in Western culture, how can throwing a football around a field define cultural values, well remarkably by either acknowledging its significance or by holding it in distain you have entered a segmented culture dedicated to sharing in and expressing those opinions. One such example of this polarization is the flourishing of sports fans personal blogs, which produces opportunities to built and participate in the media they are using. (McCarthy, 2013:422). This active participation in media,…

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  • Personal Speech: Strategy And Passion For Traveling

    Travel blogs or firsthand experiences from your friends are helpful, but, I still believe in strategy and passion for travelling. September 2016, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary! We have crossed two Asian countries from our list. From Hongkong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore, this time, we chose the countries…

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  • The Macartney Mission

    In 1794, Macartney proposed the famous “Macartney Mission”, and was rejected by Qianlong Emperor. It is because that China had totally different understanding of its diplomatic status from what the Macartney thought, and China was self-sufficient and thus not willing to expand import. However, some claimed that it was China’s “isolation” that resulted in the rejection. From my perspective, the idea that China was “isolated” was not totally correct. Instead, the East Asian was actively involved…

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  • The Benefits Of Immigrants In America

    America has been known always for being the land of freedom and opportunities. That’s what mostly all people who live outside of the country think. But nowadays a lot of people are questioning that, a group of people would be immigrants and refugees coming to the country. In my sincere opinion, America is the land of opportunities, but opportunity doesn’t come to you very easily because it is something that takes hard work. It is sad to say that most of the immigrants and refugees that come to…

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  • Case Study: Wynn Resorts, Limited

    700 rooms and suites for guests as well as featuring 186,000 square feet worth of casino, and 34 food and drink places, a golf course, luxury vehicle dealership, shopping, night clubs, and beach access. Wynn Resorts is also part owner (72%) of Wynn Macau, Limited located in China. This location in China only features around 1,000 suites, however is home to a much larger casino ranging 280,000 square feet, eight places to eat, shopping, fitness clubs and spas,…

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