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  • The Limits Of My Language: Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

    “The meanings of my language mean the limits of my world”- Ludwig wittgenstein. Communication is an important part of one’s daily life. We go from a “Hey, good morning”, to a “Have a great day”. When people communicate effectively, it helps eliminate misunderstandings on a diurnal basis. Language is the key to communication. Language represents words, whether it is writing or speaking. On the other hand, communication is all about the message. “Mother tongue”, an essay written by Amy tan,…

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  • One Hundred Live And Die Analysis

    the French novelist and critic Alain Robbe-Grillet, playwright Samuel Beckett, and German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. Robbe-Grillet and Beckett are both known for their use of word changes, repetition, paradox, and irony. Wittgenstein’s writings made Nauman aware of the concept of language as “a set of propositions that image the world.” Language is used like a game, according to Wittgenstein, and the meaning of language is not static, but ever-changing and interpreted differently by the…

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  • A Note On Literacy Narrative: The Advocate Of Dictatorship

    Writing I - Literacy Narrative Kyu Hyeon Kim Title : The Advocate of Dictatorship or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Nature I, hereby, declare that I am the strong advocate of dictatorship. The dictatorship justified from every moment of the revolutionary. The revolutionary ready to break every ground of everything to impact like a meteor. The meteor born from groundless, furious enough to penetrate without any hesitations. Therefore, I, as the dictator, formal and current…

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  • The Speech Act Theory: An Evaluation Of The Speech Theory

    Evaluation of the Speech Theory The speech act is the basic unit of language used to express meaning, an utterance that expresses an intention. (University of Twente, 2017). Generally, the speech act is usually referenced as a sentence, but it can be a word or phrase, if it follows the rules required to accomplish the intention. When we speak, we perform an act. Speech is not just used to designate something, it does something. So, having said this, the Speech Act Theory basically stresses the…

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  • Autobiographical Memory

    Perception Imagine driving down the road and what seems to be coming towards you is a giant black puddle. The puddle keeps transforming in to different shapes as the sun reflects different levels of brightness on the road. You look around and see that it is not raining and you wonder why you would be seeing a puddle. As your car gets even nearer to the puddle suddenly the puddle disappears and all you see is the hot black pavement. This is when you realize that you were not seeing a puddle at…

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  • Essentiality Of Emotions

    Having extensively studied Aristotle, medieval philosophy, and Ludwig Wittgenstein, Kenny’s background in philosophical logic was heavily influenced by the theories and schools of thought before him. And indeed, according to the text, “these influences are clearly represented in the following discussion of ‘intentional objects…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Teen Who Speaks 20 Languages

    “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” Ludwig Wittgenstein. I came to realize this after I was influenced by many people. Specifically, after attending my language teachers classes, and understanding her view and passion about foreign languages. Also, I was inspired, and even more motivated into the world of different languages after watching an eight-minute video about a teenage hyperpolyglot. However, I only became fully engrossed in learning different languages and cultures…

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  • Concept Of Dualism

    Ryle 's 1949 book The Concept of Mind is regarded by many thinkers as having eliminated the immaterial mind and "dis-solved" the mind-body problem, which Ryle saw as the result of what he called a "category mistake." In some ways influenced by Ludwig Wittgenstein, who thought many philosophical problems were caused by misuse of language, Ryle said the category mistake was applying properties to a non-material thing that are logically and grammatically appropriate only for a category including…

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  • Behaviorist, Constructivist And Social Interactionist Theory Of Oral Language

    “The limits of my language are the limits of my world” (Ludwig Wittgenstein, n.d). There are four theories on how children gain oral language they are Behaviorist, Innatist, Constructivist and Social Interactionist. All four theories have there own belief as to why they feel the way they do, there are also questions on these theories about how they are missing key points for children to gain oral development. Every one is entitled to their opinion and their view as why they feel the way they…

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  • The Practical Skeptic: Core Concepts In Sociology

    McIntyre’s The Practical Skeptic: Core concepts in sociology McIntyre Ch. 1 “Responding to Chaos” Chapter one of McIntyre (2014) book is a brief history of sociology. She begins by looking into why it is people go into their chosen field of study. She believes that people often study what they fears, because they are trying to unravel the mystery of what they cannot explain. McIntyre (2014) then goes into detail about how human kind has…

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