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  • Colonia Dignidad Case Study

    Colonia Dignidad Did the establishment of Colonia Dignidad have positive or negative impacts on Chilean society? It will be argued that the objectives for the establishment of Colonia Dignidad led to long-term impacts that were not morally justifiable. Amidgst a beautiful scenic view of farmlands and forests in the foothills of the Andean Mountains, was the home to almost 230 German immigrants. They were part of the congregation, who in 1961, followed an Evangelical preacher called Paul…

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  • Hitler Rise To Power Research Paper

    also angered many people in high places, such as business men and land owners, Taking advantage of Brüning's unpopularity, a senior army officer, General Schleicher, persuaded Hindenburg to sack him. Another Centre Party politician, Franz von Papen, took his place. Papen's government failed in a November election. The election gave Papen even fewer seats, so he went to Hindenburg with a new plan. He suggested closing down the…

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  • Pit Bulls Essay

    late 19th century. The public caught sight of the canine in 1882 in a show in Hanover. The appearance of the German Shepherd differed that of the breed we know of today. After WWII is believed to be when the modern-day German Shepherds appeared. Max von Stephanitz is accredited with the crossbreeding of “working sheep dogs” to create a working dog with stamina. The arrival of the German Shepherd in the Unites States did not take place until 1906. Similar to the Pit-bull and Rottweiler, the…

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  • Hugo Bettauer's The Erotic Revolution

    Hugo Bettauer was a very influential man for his time; he was a journalist and many of his novels became bestsellers. In the 1920’s, a couple of his novels had been made into films. His most notable film Die Freudlose Gasse is about the life of prostitutes in Germany. Sadly, Hugo was murdered because of his strong controversial views on March 26, 1925 in Vienna, by a man named Otto Rothstock. Rothstock was a dental technician and had very close ties to the Austrian Nazi Party. The murder was the…

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  • Karl Marx's Analysis

    Introduction – Karl Marx Karl Marx (1818-1883) was born in Trier, a German city that is located in the famous Moselle wine region and close to the border of Luxemburg. He is one of the most renowned and important economist figures and thinkers of the 19th century. I favour Marx over other theorists such as Max Weber and Emile Durkheim because I think that Marx believed in a more noble cause where he had “sympathy for the ideas of the Enlightenment” (Punch et al 2013, p.52). Marx was introduced…

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  • Hitler's Propaganda Speech Analysis

    Propaganda was widely used in the first world one. They were many different parties, especially in Germany, and each one wants the population to join their party. One of these parties is the Nazi party. The leader of the Nazi party was Adolf Hitler. He gave many persuasive speeches in order to win the German nation, which he then did. One of the famous and well know speech he gave was the “Proclamation to the German Nation”. He gave this speech on February 1st, 1933. it is a great example of…

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  • Adolf Hitler's Analysis

    Throughout the years, thousands of million people were manipulated because of Adolf Hitler’s power. When Hitler came into power in the 1930s, he did what was necessary to make Germany better again. Hitler had many plans to expand Germany regardless of the restrictions put into place after the Treaty of Versailles. This meaning, he went beyond by expanding Germany territory and the old territory that was taken away with the treaty. Adolf Hitler made sure Germany did everything possible so no…

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  • Similarities Between Weimar Republic And Modern Germany

    Denmark, Russia and Great Britain have established their commonwealth internationally. However the purpose of Imperial Germany was not only to become one of the “Great Powers” but also a symbolic figure with statues of national heroes.(book) Otto von Bismarck became one of the reasons for the advancement of Germany influence around the world. Bismarck was considered to be the founding father of the German Empire because of his unification process.…

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  • The Holocaust: The Horrors Of The Holocaust

    The Holocaust was a point in time which included mass genocide of Jewish Europeans and other people Germany felt should be extinguished. The tragedy was also given the title “shoah”, which is Hebrew for the phrase “the catastrophe”; however, the term “Holocaust” was used more often to describe the events that took place. This paper will cover three topics: Who was Adolf Hitler, what was the Holocaust, and the statistics of the tragic events. The Holocaust had its beginning in 1933, when the…

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  • Mein Kampf Book Report

    by the Jewish religion and its people. He used his anti-sematic views as a scapegoat, in which to fuel his change. Hitler was very charismatic and a fantastic public speaker and was appointed chancellor of Germany January 30th 1933 by President Paul Von Hindenburg. Hitler’s party, the Nazi Party used a variety of propaganda, political laws and regulations, and social manipulation tactics to get people to follow them, and with the depression people knew change needed to happen and were more apt…

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