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  • Essay On Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler: Führer Adolf Hitler killed over 60 million people for believing in one thing- their belief in Judaism. Adolf Hitler was a very powerful man that had one goal in sight, to change society. He was responsible for an important part of our history. His cruel intentions make him known today. Adolf Hitler 's early years set him up to his rise of power, followed by his policy aims, leading up to world war 2 and finalizing with his death. Early Years Adolf Hitler was born on April…

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  • Jomini's Foundation Of Theory, And The Foundations Of Strategy

    Foundations of Strategy Lt Col Frank Taravella, USAF In the history of war, man has struggled to analyze and understand conflict from various points of view. In the big picture, no one strategy or concept can successfully analyze a particular conflict for the mere fact that these concepts were developed with an eye on history. Having historical examples does not completely encompass all aspects of modern warfare, as no two conflicts are exactly the same. In this essay I will attempt to…

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  • Farewell To Arms By Ernest Hemingway: An Analysis

    World War I was very tragic time, and only a few novelist captured the true lives of people who lived during that time. Ernest Hemingway, an english author who was in the Italian first aid during World War I, is one of the novelist who show an aspect of life during World War I in the novel Farewell to Arms. Hemingway tries to show what people had to deal with during those times. A man named Fredi, who is an american in the Italian first aid, meets a woman who he falls in love with. He tries to…

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  • Tesla's Sedan Case Study

    The initial offerings were not what Musk had envisioned, and massive amounts of time and money were wasted on designs that did not meet the expectations or vision. When von Holzhausen was hired in 200, Tesla was near bankruptcy. Once he had presented a concept that Musk was pleases with, the changes started. Make a sedan that fit 7, as Musk had 5 youg children. Make a master touchscreen to handle the majority of the cars…

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  • The Clash Of German Culture

    The new holidays were not the only things that allured the German people. Hitler had envisioned a whole aesthetic for new age, one complete with an official title: Aryan. Much of this new Nazi aesthetic based around the glorification of this blonde haired, blue eyed superhuman race. The arts and cultural organizations in Germany were quickly synchronized to reflect this Nazi ideology.. This new art dove into themes of the heroism of war, purity, and violence(United States Holocaust Memorial…

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  • Austro-Prussian War Analysis

    Edward Grey, British Foreign Secretary between 1905 and 1916 has viewed a series of conflicts seen throughout the 19th and 20th centuries between European and World powers, as being inevitably caused by great armament. However, as Foreign Secretary only during early World War One, his opinion may not be applicable to other conflicts during this period. This includes the Austro-Prussian War, a war that led to a united Germany which arguably played a role in the origins of two World Wars, World…

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  • Failure Of Weimar Republic Essay

    Assess the significance of the failure of the Weimar Republic. Post WW1, Germany was in complete and utter disarray. A new government had been put into place to replace the abdicated Kaiser Wilhems II. The governments’ questionable decision making and democratic government system led to many significant events in Germany from 1919-1945. Founded by Fredrich Ebert in 1919 the Weimar Republic caused a large amount of social, economic and political problems within the country. The Weimar Republic…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Ernest Hemingway

    Keep it the Heming-Way “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” - Ernest Hemingway It has been brought to my attention that the English Department is questioning the importance of teaching about Ernest Hemingway, who they say is a “simplistic” writer. A Farewell to Arms is an example of a novel Hemingway wrote which mirrors his life and many of his own experiences during the time he spent in World War I. He is familiar with the settings of his novels…

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  • Frederick William's Shortcomings

    The rise of Prussia within the German Empire began with Frederick William, the “Great Elector” (1640-1688), through shrewd diplomatic maneuvering and efficient domestic governance. Frederick William unified many of the scattered territories into the most powerful Protestant state and turned these territories into a unified state, to become a leading political player in northern Europe. This was a critical step in the rise of Prussia because if the smaller territories could not have been unified…

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  • How Is Napoleon Bonaparte Successful

    The Little Corporal, The Little General, The Man of Destiny. These names describe only one man who is one of the greatest military leaders of all time, the Great Napoleon Bonaparte. Rollyson starts his article with the claim that, “Napoleon made lasting contributions to the laws and civil administration of France and other lands. However, he also left a darker legacy—that of dictatorial rule that was the precursor to modern fascism.” Even though some believe his drive for success is his downfall…

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