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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Shlieffen Plan Analysis

    Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Schlieffen Plan Germany’s Situation in Europe, 1914 The Ottoman Empire was crumbling, but new powers grew and prospered- The German Empire, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the largest of them all- The Russian Empire. Although these empires were flourishing and gaining many colonies- Europe was on the verge of a war with itself. Before 1870, Germany was a collection of small states- of which Prussia was the most powerful. In 1870, Bismarck, a…

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  • The Human Race: The Space Race

    The space race was a competition between the Soviet Union and the United States of America to see who could go to the moon first. The need for space exploration came out of the cold war between the Soviet Union and The United States of America. The cold war started after world war two around the late 1950’s, it was mainly about the capitalist world against the communist world of Russia (The Space Race). The space race brought great technological advances in the world between the Soviet Union…

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  • Essay On Hitler's Ideology

    Hitler benefited from a unique set of circumstances, which provided opportunities for him to advance his leadership and power aspirations. It took, however, an extraordinary politician to achieve the level of political success he experienced in being appointed chancellor of Germany with only minority support from the ballot box. Through clever positioning, dogged determination, intimidation and masterful salesmanship Hitler maneuvered continuously until he gained and sustained power. His…

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  • Inflation In Germany's Economic Effects

    “ ‘A fearful and gloomy existence awaits us under the best of circumstances!’ ” (Boden). Written by Friedrich Meinecke after World War I, it echoed the sentiment of many Germans at the time. The German’s were right to be anxious as Britain and France went into the Versailles Conference with vengeance. On the other hand, Britain and France had a right to be angry since Germany was the source of their economic downfall and hardship during the war. The final Treaty in June 28th, 1919 had no German…

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  • Brand Deception In Starbucks

    Starbucks overhauled their business on multiple dimensions with the return of Howard Schultz as the CEO. The aim was bringing back the focus to being the world’s top brewer of coffee. The various measures implemented were: • Starbucks shut down all stores across the country in order to re-train the employees on how to make the perfect espresso. • Starbucks dropped hot breakfast sandwiches from its stores which led to loss of annual income amounting to $35,000 per store. • The company restocked…

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  • A Farewell To Arms Language Analysis

    There is a common misconception that Ernest Hemingway is a boring writer, that he uses bland language and has no point to his writing. Hemingway is a very creative writer, he uses all of his surroundings and thoughts and feelings to piece together his work. In his novel, A Farewell to Arms, you do not find eloquent sentences, filled with details. Instead there are findings of short snippets and strange dialogue that isn’t written like normal dialogue. Hemingway’s novel is semi-autobiographical…

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  • The Lost Honor Of Kattherina Blum Analysis

    able to, Germany was also trying to avoid its past and run away from it, but it was not able to. The student movement started because the young generation was blaming their parents and older people for everything that happened during Hitler’s time. As Von Trotta puts it “we were quick to push aside guilt and responsibility. The tendency in public life not to admit feelings of guilt at all, or at least to forget them as quickly as possible, still exists.” For most of Germans, they wanted to put…

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  • Machiavelli Vs Grotius Analysis

    The fundamental objective of international law, to regulate the relations between sovereign states, has become a standard to evaluating the effectiveness of different approaches to international law. Various philosophical disciplines have interpreted the importance and usefulness of international law in order to establish a better understanding of how international law is to be executed. This paper will take a thorough look at how two different philosophers have explained the concepts and…

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  • Essay On French Imperialism

    The answer to this perplexing question lies on how the French viewed the outside world. By turning Egypt into an object to be visited and observed, the event organizers created an image of Egypt as something set apart from Europe that could be acquired. In a very real sense, the exhibit made the French ponder how their own unique culture compared to that of the Egyptians. As a result, this had the unintended consequences of stirring French nationalism and a desire for empire, especially when…

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  • Otto Von Bismarck Realpolitik

    From 1862-1890, German Chancellor and Prussian Statesman Otto Von Bismarck utilized a foreign policy known as Realpolitik. Realpolitik is politics/diplomacy based on practical and logical political possibilities that completely excludes morals and ethics from decisions. Bismarck utilized this foreign policy in order to expand Prussia’s rule over Germany while minimizing any casualties or war from Prussia itself by manipulating other countries and people in order to achieve certain goals. For…

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