Los Alamos National Laboratory

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  • Enhanced Geothermal System Essay

    4. Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) In principle, a temperature of 130C could be reached at any location of the planet at a sufficient depth. For instance, temperatures of this level can be found at depths between 5 and 10 km in half of the surface of USA. Based on this fact, enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) aim at utilizing the heat available at high depths by injecting a heat transfer fluid through a well. Although today few geothermal wells are deeper than 3 km given the high drilling…

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  • Cyber Security Essay

    Annually billions of dollars are stolen in the United States from private individuals, organizations, and governmental entities with the help of cyber-attacks. As a result, the issue of cyber security has a crucial significance for the national security of the U.S. and needs to be addressed appropriately by the competent governmental organizations such as Department of Homeland Security. Such highly developed country as the United States of America went through complicated process of building…

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  • Essay On The History Of Baseball

    The Mathematics and History behind Baseball Baseball, also known as our National Pastime, has been fun and exciting to watch or play for over 150 years. The first ever baseball game was played in Hoboken, New Jersey on June 19, 1846. The New York Nine crushed the New York Knickerbockers, 23-1. The game of baseball was played according to rules drawn by Alexander J. Cartwright. There was a myth that Abner Doubleday invented baseball but it was Cartwright who laid out the present dimensions of…

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  • Who Invented The Atomic Bomb

    chain reaction. Consequently, after the breakthrough, there was a great increase in funding and speed of research. Nuclear facilities were built in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Hanford, Washington. One of the main atomic bomb assembly plants was in Los Alamos, New…

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  • Analysis Of Gamma-Ray Bursts

    Introduction Our Sun produces enough energy in one second to sustain life on earth for millions of years. However, there is an energy far more powerful than our Sun that makes it pale in comparison. Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs) are the most energetic type of light in the universe and produce more energy in one second than the sun will produce in its ten-billion year lifetime. These dramatically powerful energetic explosions often originate billions of light-years from Earth yet produce a light so…

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  • Thomas Edison: The Future Of Supercomputer

    The year was 1878; the great inventor and scientist Thomas Edison was attempting to downsize electric lighting sources. He set out to redesign the way consumers would utilize electricity. Thomas Edison created small lightbulbs instead of the much bigger light fixtures that were in use during that time. He created small bulbs capable for indoor use, they were long-lasting, did not overheat, and above all could run on low power. A little over a year later, he patented the lightbulb using a strand…

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  • Manhattan Project Case Study

    On December 7th, 1941 Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that led to the US entering World War II. With the US’s entrance into the war and advances in atomic theory the stage was set for the development of nuclear weapons. The pressing question was who would develop them first and to what lengths would they go to achieve nuclear warfare capabilities. The Hanford site is a great example of both the technological advancement of the time and the urgency shown by the US government to…

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  • Letter Of Recommendation Report

    Letter of Recommendation Information Form: Irene Kwon The Common Application Teacher Evaluation asks me to rate you on the following areas. Please give me specific examples that would support a favorable rating for you in the above areas. Why would I rank you highly in these areas? Academic achievement I scored 35 on the ACT, 790 on the Math II SAT Subject Test, ended with a 4.43 GPA junior year, and was nominated as an “usher” at LAHS Graduation Ceremony 2016 to name a few. I have also taken…

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