Essay On Spray Knockdown System

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During my time at Sandia National Laboratories, I interned under the department of WMD Threats and Aerosol Science. I saw men and women using their scientific and engineering backgrounds to study and understand systems that can be used to counteract chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. It was incredible to see and work on various projects that allowed for counter-terrorism. One of the biggest projects I worked on was our "Spray Knockdown System" it is a massive, almost 20-foot-tall, decontamination structure. It was a system that could easily counteract the effects of a biological weapon on large objects by rapidly releasing a specialized decontaminate. The decontaminate would be electrically charged so that it would stick to the object, similar to how rubbing a balloon on your hair lets it stick to a wall. It was incredible to see such a device built and to be a part of building it. I felt a fulfillment working at Sandia, that I was helping make America a safer place.

I 'm the son of two immigrants who came to this country dirt poor. My parents talk about all the issues they faced, all the persecution and violence they had to deal
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I have a family of immigrants who 's stories constantly remind me of how lucky I am to live here. America is my home and I love her dearly. I 'm a proud American who recognizes how incredible and important this country is. This is why I want to work for the Department of Defense. My love for my home and the experiences I had at Sandia are the reasons I want to be a part of the Department of Defense. I desire a powerful and safe America, and as an aspiring engineer, I want to use whatever skills I have to make that possible. I believe that the best way I can contribute to the goal of a safer America is to use my technical skills at the Department of Defense. It would be an honor to serve the country I love using whatever talents I

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