Why Did You Choose Your Major And What Was Your GPA)

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Qualifications Supplement (444a)

1. Why did you choose your major and what was your GPA? (Please provide GPA for major as well as overall GPA)

I have a passion for asking important questions and developing methods to solve issues. My chosen PhD major, Public Affairs, provided me with an opportunity to fulfil this passion and gain knowledge and expertise in topics related to public administration, management and policy. I also have a passion for finding the best practical and programmatic ways to address day to day needs and make the public sector work more efficiently and effectively. My overall GPA during my PhD is 3.9 on a 4.0 scale. My GPA in my major is 3.8 on a 4.0 scale.

2. What courses did you like best? Least?

While in school
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My grandfather, uncle and father were all veterans and went on to enter federal service working until they retired. They all focused their careers on hard work and taking responsibilities when required to make tough decisions. I too have a commitment to federal and public service. I have a commitment to working hard and doing the best I can to make a difference. I see the CIA as a place that I can provide that commitment and growth in learning. My father’s commitment to his work set the example that inspired I thought my pursuit of my PhD. I often heard my father say his work was not just for his family but for the American citizen and he took that very serious. I want to one day say and feel that same sense of …show more content…
What is your principal asset?
My principal asset is my diversity. My diversity in background, education, and work experience have helped me in times of challenges, particularly as it relates to working in different and new environments. I feel I am able to adjust my thinking and ideals to fit the varied situation because of my diverse background. This diverse background has enhanced my creativity, perspectives, learning and ability to make better decision and solve problem.

5. What is your principal shortcoming?
My principal shortcoming is that sometimes I have a difficult time saying no. I have to work hard to ensure I have a balance in my life and this sometimes would require that I not take on more than I should.

6. How would you describe yourself? (one page or more)
*** This requires a page or more document – do you have a copy of a personal statement – if so I would incorporate this below and some from your cover letter to make a one page

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