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  • The National Liberation Front: The Vietnam War

    This United Front created a new force called the National Liberation Front in response to the South Vietnam’s democratic push. This new NLF called for anyone, communist or non-communist, that opposed Diem. The United States recognized this group as a threat and denounced the NLF. The NLF claimed to be made up of…

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  • Religion In The United States Essay

    Religion could be found in every corner of the world. It dictates what we eat, how we look, what we do or don’t do, and the morals we believe. For a lot of us religion is a big part of our lives and this could be seen in our government. Since the birth of the United States, religion has played a big part in our society, lawmaking, and culture. The U.S is a Christian based country and its morals have dictated a lot of laws. These religious biased laws have suppressed many types of people and the…

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  • Summary: The Long Civil Rights Movement

    Hence, if historians are really interested in making civil rights harder, they need to take the lead and leave the trodden path. Not necessarily by developing new frameworks to counter a White-centered conservative take on civil rights movement with a White-centered liberal or leftist approach, but rather, by developing ways that allow them to capture the different ways and means African Americans expressed their resistance. No matter how long and how much historians tweak on the timeline or…

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  • The Stonewall Riots: The Gay Rights Movement

    It is very hard to imagine a world where police are harassing and arresting the LGBTQ community just for gathering together in public or simply expressing themselves. This community had their jobs, families, and lives threatened just for being who they are. Unfortunately, this is what life was like before they started to fight back against the oppression. The younger generations have grown up in a society, for the most part, of love, acceptance, and protection for these people. This essay will…

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  • James Cone Liberation And The Christian Ethics Analysis

    Liberation and the Christian Ethics Analysis Throughout the article Liberation and the Christian Ethic by James Cone a few issues are brought to center stage, mainly issues of racism and the ethical values of liberation for the blacks. Cone briefly mentions how current Christian ethics are corrupt because the lack a basic in scripture and focus more on the ethics involved to maintain the status quo while disregarding the evidence of the moral injustice of slavery and other acts of oppression.…

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  • The LGBTQ Movement In America

    The 1970’s began a radical movement for change with the Stonewall riot and the Gay Liberation Front influenced by the civil rights movement, feminism, and antiwar movement. The GLF achieved public support for coming out in public, a new expression of pride for the community, and a growth of movement organizations. In addition, the gay rights…

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  • Analysis Of Peter Singer's Essay 'Animal Liberation'

    Meat the Dilemma In Peter Singer’s essay Animal Liberation, examines the defense of animal rights by comparing animals and historically discriminated groups such as African Americans and women. He argues that under the principle of utilitarianism the discrimination of animals cannot be considered less important than that of African Americans and women. Utilitarianism suggests that when making decisions the entire population’s welfare must be taken into account so that every individual counts as…

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  • Civil Rights And Racial Inequality

    more than a ‘gay’ disease. The government’s refusal to recognize AIDS as more than a “gay disease” made AIDS only a gay problem, and therefore not something that straight men with power needed to worry about. . The Stonewall Protest led to the Gay Liberation Movement and the overall fight for LGBTQ rights in the United States. Now in the United States, gay marriage is legalized in all 50 states, and people are more than less accepting of the diversity of different…

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  • Essay On The Sexual Revolution Of The 1960's

    In the 1960 's many changes occurred in America that questioned traditional society. From these questions, movements like the Sexual Revolution began to flourish. According to historian Beth Bailey, the sexual revolution of the 1960’s “was built on equal measures of hypocrisy and honesty, equality and exploitation” (Bailey 259). However, the sexual revolution did not consist of just one single movement. Multiple movements transpired at the same time, including the developments amongst women,…

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  • Animal Liberation By Peter Singer Summary

    As Peter Singer argues in his article titled "Animal Liberation," ‘speciesism' is an attitude or a belief that humans have the right to discriminate and mistreat other species in ways that would be unacceptable to treat other members of their own species. Specifically, Singer refers to the mistreatment and exploitation of animals by humans. The livestock industry is vital to the American economy as it supplies meat, eggs, milk, and other animal products while providing employment for many…

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