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  • The African-American Revolution

    The history of the African American liberation in the United States has been defined by the efforts of the collective. Within that collective, individuals utilized their own personal gifts, passions, and crafts to give voice to the African-American community and take a stand against the systematic oppression black people were subjected to. Of these efforts, various forms of art were, and have been, extremely instrumental in the fight for civil rights in the United States. The multitude of poets,…

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  • Hardt And Negri: A Comparative Analysis

    The philosophers and political researchers Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri also have a philosophical theory about a type of human interaction which extends past globalization, which they call Empire. However, it does not adopt the same generally positive and optimistic tone that Appiah takes. Instead, their view is that this tend towards increased interdependency has began the creation of a homogeneous, monolithic power structure known as Empire. At the outset, this view of power relates to…

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  • Wretched Of The Earth By Frantz Fanon: Chapter Analysis

    Violence is essential to the quest of colonial liberation, no matter how we call the struggle for freedom. With this straightforward proposition, Frantz Fanon opens the discussion of his liberation strategy in his third and final book, The Wretched of the Earth. The original French version of the book was published in 1961, shortly before Fanon lost his battle against leukemia on December 6th of the same year in the United States, far away from his adopted mother country Algeria. The first…

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  • Black-White Inequality In The United States

    Stated throughout the course was a mention of the system of the United States not being made for all people to succeed. Not all people in the United States have equal access to resources and this country began that way. This was previously mentioned when the issue of privilege was addressed and will further be reviewed in this paragraph. The method in which the United States began was that the white man came to the country to take over the land against the American Indians, then the white man…

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  • Normal Life Summary

    Gay Liberation Movement and ACT UP focused on issues affecting all manners of LGBT people, yet they pushed for mainstream acceptance via legal means, which meant that they had to push out the less “acceptable” looking members -- the queer and trans people of color -- in order to further their movement in the mainstream. In one instance of this, transgender issues were left out of a civil rights bill during the 1980s by the Gay Activists Alliance, an organization active in the Gay Liberation…

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  • Moksha And Nirvana

    come back to earth in another form or body. The concept of moksha and nirvana has their own concept of liberation for Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism and Buddhism both the religion of India. Yet within these concepts, there are many different understandings of these concepts, but Moksha and nirvana both have similarities that both relate to enlightenment. The word Moksha refers to liberation, which is from the cycle of births and deaths as part of the human life is considered to be ones full…

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  • Differences And Contrast And Comparison Between Hinduism And Buddhism

    great deeds and “dharma” which happen to be following. Dharma are the ethics of religious beliefs and contains self-controls that are spiritual guide one’s lifestyle. Residing lifestyle based on dharma is really what leads to karma that is great liberation afterwards. Therefore through extensive examination between Buddhism and Hinduism the thought of rebirth plays an role that will be important the religions as one as one has greed and desires. The little differences exist involving the two…

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  • I Have A Dream, Rosa Parks And Booker T. Washington

    The advancement of African Americans and their struggles for rights and liberation begun much earlier than most high school textbooks teach. Decades before Martin Luther King Jr., “I Have A Dream”, Rosa Parks and the March on Washington, there were significant event, people and organizations that created real change that set the stage for the more famed events of the later decades. As Harvard Sitkoff writes, “For civil rights, the Depression decade proved to be a time of planting, not…

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  • Breath, Eyes, Memory By Edwidge Danticat Analysis

    Breath, Eyes, Memory is a coming-of-age novel that treats identity formation and women's experiences in the context of rural Haitian culture and the Haitian diaspora. Specifically, the novel deals with the question of political and social liberation, and the role of community in both furthering and ending oppression. To do this she uses cultural practices and men’s role in Haitian women’s oppression, but although oppressed shows the possibility of being liberated. In the novel “Breath, Eyes,…

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  • Historical Accuracy Of Daniel's Story

    Daniel’s Story is historically accurate because it explains how people were treated and where they were taken. I am going to prove that to you in these next couple of paragraphs. In Daniel’s story it talks about a young boy who was a Jew and got taken to many different concentration camps and survived them all. His name, was Daniel. This time period was during the Holocaust. This boy was taken to places including Lodz, Auschwitz and Buchenwald . Auschwitz was the by far worst…

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