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  • Taser Gun

    someone can obtain or purchase a Taser, and finally the benefits of owning a Taser. For starters, some of you may be wondering what is a Taser? Well according to the Metropolitan Police website, the definition of a Taser is stated as “a less lethal single shot weapon designed to temporarily incapacitate a suspect through the use of an electric current, similar in size to a pistol.” A most heard of Taser gun is the X26 Taser gun. This Taser gun uses an electrical current which interferes with the…

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  • Death Penalty Cruel And Unusual Punishment

    All 32 states use the lethal injection method. A needle is put into the inmate, usually in the arm, in a vein. The first step is a saline solution. A curtain is then raised so a witness can watch. Sodium thiopental is injected which puts the inmate to sleep. Pavulon (pancuronium…

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  • Alternative Sentencing System

    punish someone who has broken the law. However, to determine which punishment should be delivered to a certain criminal depends on a number of things. Judges have to consider the seriousness of the crime that was committed, if the offender is more or less likely to commit a crime again before they decide the sentencing of the criminal, and if the criminal is a direct threat to society. The punishment may be as simple as a fine or it could mean their life. One example of a punishment that is…

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  • Hobbes Gun Control Essay

    federal government. The current loose regulation of guns is not enough to protect Americans citizens, as evidenced by the increase in gun related crimes in the United States. Congress should promptly approve President Obama’s proposal for a new assault weapons ban and a more stringent system of background checks for gun purchasers. According to Thomas Hobbes, it is the sovereign’s duty to hold his citizens to the rules created to ensure peace among a group (Hobbes 114). Therefore, it is…

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  • Why Guns Should Be Banned

    as if they need weapons. These weapons are guns, the bad thing about guns is that they are usually blamed for all of the violence in the world. Guns are not the problem though, it is the people with the guns that are. They obtain them illegally and cause harm to the people around them. This was not the original purpose for guns, guns were used to protect what people want to protect. Banning guns would not reduce the crime rate in America, since criminals and psychos obtain weapons illegally…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Gun Control

    Jhaneidy Checo CRT / Prof. Boluch Winter '16 Hi Senator Dianne Feinstein, A man first shot his mother with a Marlin .22, where he then took a vehicle and transported firearms to a school. He brought his weapons onto school grounds – breaking the law – and throughout his journey to every classroom, murdered children and teachers. How would you react if you were one of the teachers who could have stopped this man on the act? This was the Sandy Hook Elementary school shoot out, and Adam Lanza had…

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  • Gun Control In Philadelphia

    shootings and multiple deaths. Every day and night, people are shot and often even killed for various and sometimes mysterious reasons. The city of brotherly love is in desperate need of more control of armed weapons, because gun violence has led to an increase in violence and deaths, weapons are too easy to obtain, and the police are being rendered powerless to stop the rising shootings. Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia is…

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  • Cons Against Gun Control

    acquire a gun by illegal means if necessary. Gun free zones are a prime target for shooters. They know that their targets would struggle to defend themselves, and the police won’t arrive until after the attack has already started. Shooters would be less inclined to act if they knew someone else might have a gun to defend themselves or others. No laws could prevent tragedies such as the one in Orlando, where 49 people were killed in a gay nightclub. Conservative writer David French said: “The…

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  • Ethan Mcleod's Article: Annotated Bibliography On Gun Control

    assault weapons. For my second reason in my research opinion I can use that the government after both World Wars gave more than 200,000 military rifles to NRA members. The article “Why Band “Assault Weapons”?” talks about what is an assault weapon, and assault weapons are not machine guns. James B. Jacobs, the author does not talk about background checks but it talks about multiple assault weapon bans. Jacobs has two good points I could use to describe to the audience what is assault weapon…

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  • Characteristics Of The Monster In Beowulf

    A monster in a story is the one who seems to be bad, the one who wrecks everything and brings death onto a certain town, city, country, or people group. Monsters or monstrous characters have superhuman abilities and can be extremely powerful. The monster is usually perceived as the “bad guy” and the hero as the “good guy”. For forever people have picture the monster as this horrible scary creature; in Beowulf that is not the case though. Yes, Grendel and his mother are monsters in the story…

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