Clinging To Gun

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Throughout recent American History, the topic of gun control has been incredibly controversial. While many people believe that citizens shouldn’t be able to own weapons at all, many others also believe that due to the Second Amendment, it is a right for citizens to bear arms. But there is a way to compromise so we can make both parties happy in this case, so we could reduce gun-related incidents while still allowing defenders of the second amendment to be happy by expanding background checks, informing the public better, and many other steps.
In “Clinging to Guns” by Susan Milligan, she evaluates why it is so difficult to get reforms for gun control due to many American’s obsession with guns. The first example of this comes when Milligan discusses
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One notable quote from this documentary comes from when a random Canadian citizen is questioned by Michael Moore, “If more guns make people safer, then America would be one of the safest countries in the world. It isn't. It's the opposite” (Moore). This is explaining how America’s backward views on guns is in fact making the US into a more dangerous place. More guns doesn’t mean that people will be safer, it only opens up more potential for an accident. One of the more powerful moments of the documentary comes from a Father of a Columbine victim: “I am here today because my son Daniel would want me to be here today. If my son Daniel was not one of the victims, he would be here with me today. Something is wrong in this country when a child can grab a gun, grab a gun so easily, and shoot a bullet into the middle of a child's face, as my son experienced. Something is wrong. But the time has come to come to understand that a TEC-9 semi-automatic-bullet weapon like that, that killed my son, is not used to kill deer. It has no useful purpose. It is time to address this problem” (Moore). This Father is explaining how we don’t need to be letting potentially dangerous people have weapons that are able to take out many people at one time. This is an absolutely massive problem, it’s too easy to acquire a weapon. When very interesting scene in the documentary came when Michael Moore was interviewing John Nichols, brother of Terry Nichols who was one of the men who set up the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. Michael Moore: “Why not use Gandhi's way? He didn't have guns, and he beat the British Empire. “ John Nichols: “I'm not... familiar with that” (Moore). One can see that this is one example of a peaceful way of completing something progressive, without the need for violence. This is hard for some

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