Gun Control Laws In America

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Gun Control
Guns cause much violence around the world and the United States everyday. The law in America needs to be changed so that the process of obtaining a gun is stiff. If someone has somehow obtained a gun illegally, there should be a greater penalty. People can 't keep dying from gun violence.
Gun violence in America is getting absurd. People are having their lives snatched from them everyday and sometimes, for just being innocent. This makes America looks scary and like a dangerous place because, there are so many lives lost due to gun violence, it reflects on everyone. The second amendment makes possession of a gun legally in America. Firearms used to be used for hunting and occasionally for self defense. These were good uses of freedom
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They may think that we as Americans possess the right to own a firearm. By definition only the police forces, national guard, and militia possess the right to own a firearm. Those who are against the repeal of the second amendment, and believe that we should be able to own guns as self defense, do not consider the violence that has already taken place because of them. The current gun control laws keep us away from heavy weapons that are exclusive to forces like, marines, army, navy for the most part. They have done a good job of that. Even though the laws should be stricter, it shows these laws can protect us in some ways. There can be more. The protection from heavy weapons is done well. What about the ones most used? The loose laws that do not protect us from semi-automatic handguns in the hands of the mentally ill, because background checks do not currently include mentally ill people nor do they include non-criminal offenses such as domestic violence. There are so many victims to violence due to guns because we make it too easy to obtain them. Buyers that purchase guns through private sales in the United States, do not have to pass a background check before obtaining the weapon(11 Facts). This can If we created stricter gun control laws, it would keep us away from the most dangerous. The most important value is the right to life. It seems to be violated by vague, languid gun laws. Each being has a …show more content…
This simply should not be a right. To own a weapon used to take someone else 's life in argument of self defense. This level of protection wouldn 't be needed in the event that the gun control laws were fortified. Protection would not be needed if we simply took the weapons out of the hands of bad people. The penalty should be at a much greater risk for even owning an illegal for arm let alone using it. Then we as a country could move on to more appropriate levels of self defense such as tasers, and pepper spray. Self defense mechanisms that are much less lethal and more appropriate than taking someone 's

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