Gun Control Pros And Cons Essay

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Putting restrictions on guns wouldn’t help anything in today 's society. Guns could still be bought illegally. On top of that criminologist have showed that there is almost just the same amount of death not involving guns as there is with. So there would be no difference restructuring guns.
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Gun control a big political debate in the today 's society. Some arguments against guns include the ability for kids to obtain them, the lower crime rate
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As time goes by guns are being used more and more to kill people. Some pros of gun control is the possibility of lower crime while argument against it is the fact that people cannot defend themselves.
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Due to mass shooting the controversy of gun control has been spiked and is not being solved due to the many opinions. Gun control is a restriction on the buying of guns. As of right now the United States has some but no strict restriction on who can purchase these guns. There no way for all guns t be accounted for due to crime. The United States currently has the largest number of guns in civilian hands and he highest rate homicides and other deaths due to guns.
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It has been recorded on this website that over 2 million guns are bought a year. There is approximately 30 deaths due to firearms a day. The US has over ten thousand deaths due to firearms a year. Gun violence has reportedly raised the price of medical costs and has increased the amount of security in towns. Up to 40% of gun sales involve no background checks, and most Americans are in favor of current gun laws or slightly more

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