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  • Civil Force Training Case Study

    o Helped plan and execute the Company's training events: Iron Phoenix, NIE AWA, Iron Focus, Night Stalker Competition, Iron Resolve, Laser Tag Family Day, M249/M240B, M9/M4 range, M320 range with 0% supervision. o Helped the Commander setup and provided sustainment support for the DTAC (Division Tactical) during Iron Phoenix, Iron Focus 16.2,and NET NEFF training . o Maintain accountability of MTOEd character o committed to excellence by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to Soldiers,…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Working As A Porter

    what they would like fixed. After the customer and advisor get everything figured out, the advisor tags the car with a number that hangs from the rear view mirror and leaves the keys in the ignition. I pull the car forward until it’s between two blue blocks that are painted on the drive. Above these two blue blocks that are about 10 feet apart are two lasers that are hanging from the ceiling. These lasers check the cars alinement by using four hubcaps that attaches to the tire and rim. Once I…

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  • Leupold Rangefinder Research Paper

    Leupold rangefinders from other people and thought about checking it for yourself. Is this really a wise choice? Or are you better off with a rangefinder with under $300 price tag? The first thing you need to know about rangefinders is that they come in different types. There are laser rangefinders and GPS rangefinders. The laser ones have been tried and tested by seasoned golfers and outdoor enthusiasts for many years already. On the other hand, while the GPS rangefinders are still fairly new,…

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  • Ray Of Light Compared To The Interface Between Two Mediums

    A ray of light travels in a straight line. This is true until it passes from one medium (eg. air) into another medium (eg. glass) of a different optical density. When this happens, the ray of light changes speed causing it to bend either towards or away from the normal which is an imaginary line at 90 to the interface between two mediums. This is called refraction. How much it bends depends on the refractive indices of the two mediums which is a ratio of the speed of light in one medium…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Trip Of A Lifetime

    went to the mall and went to a trampoline park, and most fun of all was laser tag on the last day. It was my first time going to laser tag. “Don’t worry, just breathe and be observant”, was what one of the veterans told me. I told him that I’m a terrible aim, but all he said was, “just have fun with it”, which I did. While in the arena, there was fog, loud sirens blaring and the sound of people getting stunned with the laser guns. It was pitch black, except for the flashing lights and neon paint…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Canada

    is a type of food made of fries, gravy, and cheese. I skeptical about eating it at first because it didn’t look that appealing, but when I tried it, it was the best thing ever. On my last night visiting there is a place called Laser Quest where you can go and play laser tag. After you sign up and they explain the game you go into the ‘weapon room’ where you put on a vest along with the special gun, then they release us into the maze. When you enter the whole pace is lit with black lights and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Downtown

    I've lived in the same town my whole life, and it has been really fun to watch it grow. All the kids in my neighborhood used to refer to the nearby hill as "Squirrel Hill." We would climb to the top, play in the fields, and try to avoid stepping on cacti. However, as the years went by, houses and roads started appearing on Squirrel Hill until there weren't any fields to play in. Residential areas have been growing so quickly that a new high school had to open a few years ago. Downtown has grown…

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  • The Importance Of Escape Rooms

    “There’s one minute left!” someone shouts as everyone panics to try and escape the room. No, the room isn’t about to explode, instead, they are playing an interactive game, Escape the Room. Escape Rooms are incredibly unique and there is nothing that closely compares to this experience. When the timer is almost up and you are desperately trying to escape, you are filled with an adrenaline rush. There is something distinct about the tension building up as you attempt to escape that prompts…

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  • Alexandria Park Research Paper

    drink, shopping, parks and playgrounds, you also have other things to enjoy in Alexandria. Skyzone offers an indoor climbing area, a trampoline park, and other anti-gravity fun things to do. Attractivity is a place where you can enjoy bowling, laser tag, several arcade games, XD interactive 3D theatre, rope climbing, shooting gallery, and much more for you and the kids. This suburb is a popular place to go for tourists, but it’s also a place that people desire to live. It has an amazing appeal…

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  • Non Surgical Breast Segmentation Research Paper

    Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Uses Your Body 's Resources One of the latest trends in cosmetic enhancements involves using non-surgical breast augmentation instead of more expensive and riskier breast surgery or implants. Invasive surgeries always require healing time and generate operative risks and possible postoperative infections or other complications. The new wave of cosmetic treatments uses injectables to enlarge, enhance and reshape breasts. One of the most popular augmentation…

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