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  • Native American Mortuary Practices

    resources after depleting an area. With a higher density of edible flora in an area, a group could stay extended periods of time with excess of food. This sedentism gave groups a resource they had scarcely had before; free time. This newfound time coincided with the evolution of highly ritualistic mortuary practices, occult religions, and ceremonialism (North American Archeologist). In other parts of the world mortuary practices had just taken the largest step in the history of the field. Egyptians began embalming their deceased around 4000 B.C.E; the same time as the Late Archaic period began (The Funeral Source). At this point Native Americans in the Southeast were also embalming their dead; however, no credit is given to the tribes involved for the use of the technique (Death Reference). Embalming today is based upon the Egyptian and Chinese style of embalming. Therefore, the Native Americans are misrepresented in the history of mortuary practices. Native American embalming consisted of four ritualistic steps. First incisions are made length wise along only the back of the deceased body. The flesh is then removed from the body in one large piece. I have a unique insight into this process because I have been a part of it. A body came into the funeral home with a fatal shot from a small caliber round to the head. The interesting thing about small caliber injuries is that while the bullet enters the cranial cavity it often does not have enough force to leave the cavity. The…

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  • Funeral Observation

    an unfortunate yet inevitable part of our lives. We are forced to deal with the loss of loved ones until the day that we pass away. During these times of grief there is someone there to attempt to relieve some of the burden that comes with this loss, and that is where the funeral director comes in. The funeral director is the individual who is given the task of every aspect of the funeral, from the embalming to the burial. But the funeral director does more than just this, they are the…

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  • Narrative Essay On Funeral Home

    the funeral home, and discreetly unloaded the descendent. Shortly after, the service ended, and the procession left the funeral home, the call I was dreading came in. The toddler had been released and was ready for pick-up. I made the trip to Fort Wayne for the second time within twenty-four hours. This time I found my mind was blank, and I did not mind that. I made it to the morgue with no issues, and little traffic. Once again the security guard was speechless. I signed the necessary paper…

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  • Natural Burial Movement

    buried, some people way think why would people go through this trouble of having a green burial? What is wrong with they way people are buried today? Traditional burials consist of caskets, and chemicals. Once someone has died their body is taken care of by a team of funeral services professionals. They prevent immediate decay to the body by pumping formaldehyde-based embalming fluid. After the body is laid in a casket with an optional airtight seal to prevent the body coming in contact with the…

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  • An Undertaker's Ministry Report

    The average person on the street has no idea of the behind-the-scenes work of embalming, detailed arrangements, transportation, and counselling. Undertakers’ families make big sacrifices, placing the needs of others before their own as a spouse works into the early hours of the morning several days running to accommodate families who have lost loved ones during the same time span. All the undertakers I have worked with have been gifted and compassionate people obviously called to their vocation.…

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  • Why It Is Important To Make Medical Decisions On Your Behalf

    stating that if any assets are left out then they will be transferred to a trust and lastly a video will is a will that is spoken and recorded. At this point in my life, I have not found it necessary to write a will because I do not have possessions that are valuable enough to do so. My parents can have my belongings and distribute them however they want. As far as my dogs my fiancé will take full ownership. After I die I wish for my body to be cremated. The thought of being burned is more…

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  • Burial Burial Benefits

    The Benefit of Organic Burial Pods Description of the problem: Traditional burials are becoming a problem because with the knowledge of perfected and modernized burials, we could save lives, improve our planet, and increase our life span here on earth. Money, values, and morals are the causes of this problem. People don 't have the resources to bury their dead the way they wish to and modernizing burials is quite expensive technology. Also, people around the world have different values and…

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  • Cadavers Symbolism

    Cadavers in Science: Symbolism in Roach’s Stiff Do you ever wonder what happens after you die? Although no living person has a guarantee of what becomes of your mind and soul, they do know what your body may endure. Mary Roach, author of Stiff, explored the usage of the dead in everything from bullet wounds to anatomy dissection to body decomposition. She also examined the history of corpse studies that lead to safer cars, different methods for disposing of remains, and an increase in forensic…

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  • Embalming Pros And Cons

    Embalming is the process of artificially preserving a corpse from decay by replacing bodily fluids with a formaldehyde-based chemical solution and by preparing it esthetically with cosmetics and styling. Prior to my visits to a funeral home and to the Mount Royal Cemetery, this was a process that I was quite unfamiliar to. It is only after our field trips, and especially after seeing the embalming room and hearing about the process in precise detail, that I became more acquainted with the…

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  • Embalming Of Mr Jones Analysis

    The Embalming of Mr. Jones is an article that was written by Jessica Mitford who was born in Basford Mansion, England in 1917. She was born in a very wealthy family but refused to be under her family’s upbringing. She later joined politics and moved to the United States of America as an immigrant. Embalming is simply the process that is carried out between death and the burial of a dead body to preserve it from decomposing, Mitford explains the process that Mr. Jones underwent. In this article,…

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