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  • Great Water Drop: Similarities And Differences

    Long ago, there was no light. Only darkness and cold tempatures filled the empty void. Then, a drop of water appeared. Over time, many droplets stuck together to form a large water sphere, the Great Water Drop. In this sphere, there bubbles formed and stuck together to form the first God, Islara.Islara ruled the great waters as a great sea creature with a sleek streamlined lower body with silver scales, and no legs, only green fins. Her upper body on the other hand was formed in the shape of a…

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  • Mary Poppins East Wind Analysis

    Mary Poppins When the Banks children are in need of a new nanny, Mary Poppins is forcibly blown in be the East Wind. In the story, Mr. Banks makes the observation that “Admiral’s telescope says East Wind. I thought as much. There is frost in my bones.” ( pg.5) The East and West winds are a symbol of change or trouble to come. The wind controls where Mary Poppins goes, but it does not seem to take her against her will. “It was as though it had flung her first at the gate,waited for her to open…

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  • Situational Irony In Short Story Of An Hour

    Imagine the nice cool view out of the window of flowers blooming and a light dash of rain, as if you were Mrs. Mallard. The sad but joyful tears coming from her eyes , because of the news she has just received; her husband has just been in an accident and was killed, or was said to be. As her sister came and got her from upstairs, going downstairs her husband walks in the house. Booom she had died of joy, or so they say. Situational irony is the key of most stories. It is when the story comes…

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  • Reading Literature Makes USarter And Nicer Analysis

    Alexie, Sherman. "A Good Story." The St. Martin's Guide to Writing, edited by Rise B. Axelrod and Charles R. Cooper, 9th ed., Bedford St. Martin's, 2010, pp. 557-560. In "A Good Story" written by Rise B. Axelrod and Charles R. Cooper, talks about the stories that Sherman writes and tells. His mother tells him that his stories are to sad and that life in the reservations are not always bad. He tries to ignore her, but cant because what his mothers tells him is true. That life can not always be…

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  • How Does The Author Tell The Story Of An Hour

    Summarise the story – what exactly happens in this hour? Louise has heart problems. The news of her husband’s death make her feel like a captive. Alone in her room she feels liberated. She looks forwards to freedom and she feels it coming. While going downstairs the door opens and Mr. Mallard comes in, having no idea about the train accident, in which he ‘was killed’. 2) Choose one interesting sentence/part of the story and explain why it intrigued you. “She was beginning to recognize this…

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  • Mrs. Mallard's Freedom In The Story Of An Hour

    In Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard has an untimely death believed to be cause by “heart trouble”, but is actually the result of learning her freedom has been taking from her again. After finding out about her husband’s death, Mrs. Mallard goes to her room and to herself repeats the mantra “free, free, free” (2). This mantra shows that Mrs. Mallard is relieved to find out her husband has did because now she doesn’t have to answer to anyone and can be free all by herself. Mrs.…

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  • Who Is Mrs Havisham

    The famous author, Charles Dickens, had an unusual character style compared to other authors in that time. One of his strangest and most complex characters was Mrs. Havisham in the novel Great Expectations. The author, Dickens, created Mrs. Havisham who was an old heart broken woman who insists on wearing her wedding dress the rest of her life, locked up in a world full of obsession. Mrs. Havisham’s heart was broken on the day of her wedding when her fiance didn’t show up and left her.…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day By Josh Rittenberg

    Once I was finished reading essays from NPR’s series “This I Believe” I found that the essay “Tomorrow will be a better day” by Josh Rittenberg to be extremely entertaining whereas some other essays lacked the ability to keep me interested. It managed to maintain my interest while still showing to be a great essay to read and analyze. The reason that I believe this is due to the fact that it does well when it comes to the point of grabbing attention with word choice, the way Rittenberg keeps…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem To Live In The Borderlands Means You

    In both "To live in the Borderlands means you. . .", by Gloria Anzaldua, and "Crying poem" by Jimmy Santiago Baca the authors use various unique stylistic techniques and figures of speech to not just tell the reader of their past, but to paint a picture of the circumstances they faced when growing and how they have affected them. In "Crying Poem", Baca uses the structure of his poem and various stylistic techniques to reflect the frustration and internal conflict he has faced having to "grow…

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  • Analysis Of George L. Dillon's Styles Of Reading

    Identifying a single approach to decode the differencing of events and final happening in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” proves to be useful in explanation however; a limitation of just one approach can be obstruct. In “Styles of Reading” by George L. Dillon we are presented with observation that readers critique and interpret publications based on perception of real life events and of people. In George L. Dillon critical essay “Styles of Reading”, he points out how focusing on event…

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