The Story Of An Hour And The Awakening Critical Analysis

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Kate Chopin began life in a world of women. Following the tragic death of her father, she was raised by her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Perhaps this upbringing influenced her writing style. The late 1800’s was a boisterous time for the United States. The cultural scene of the country was changing quickly. For the first time, women brought private and personal issues into the public domain. The writer portrays the life of women in a world controlled by male dominance. The Victorian time period that shaped Chopin’s life, was the subject matter used in her writings. Mari Jo Buhle stated “women regularly participated in the market place, gained their own sources of support, and broke once and for all with humiliating forms of financial …show more content…
There is an element of non-fiction in her writing and her male counterparts often criticized her for using controversial topics concerning women. In The Story of an Hour, Chopin continues to imply that women are not treated equally with men. Women in the Victorian era were viewed as caretakers who should remain in the home while the man of the house provides the financial support. In The Story of an Hour, the author allows the reader to see this suppression in the role of the female character, Mrs. Louise Mallard. Mrs. Mallard is a woman who is married to a gentleman named Brently Mallard. Like most marriages in the 1800’s, women had no rights and simply had to cater to their husband’s needs. The Mallard’s marriage was no different. The character of Mrs. is perceived as submissive one to her husband. Mr. Mallard is the dominating spouse. Within the first few lines of the story, the reader discovers that Mrs. Mallard has a serious heart condition and because of the heart condition, Mrs. Mallard’s sister and brother-in-law are

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