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  • Strength And Conditioning Exercise Analysis

    both the HC and VJ start with hips, knees flexed and ankles dorsi-flexed, with muscles going from an eccentric state to a concentric state very quickly to produce a rapid movement, ending up with a triple extension of those joints (Astorino et al., 2013). As these are the main joints involved in both the HC and VJ, the major muscle groups activated are the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal, gastrocnemius, soleus and tibialis anterior (McBride, McCaulley, & Cormie, 2008). This type of movement is a…

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  • Quadriceps Muscles Research Paper

    The rectus femoris however is straight down the front of the thigh, sitting on top of the vastus intermedialis. All four of these muscles come together to make one big tendon that comes over the knee. These muscles are the only extensor of the knee joint, therefore very important for…

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  • Cruciate Ligament Research Paper

    The knee is made up of four main things: bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. The knee is a ball in socket and the elbow is a relatively simple hinge joint which only allows flexion and extension. The radius is smaller of the two forearm bones and sits on the outside of the joint.As spoken about before the cruciate ligaments are made up of two types of ligaments, the anterior and the posterior. They are often referred to the ‘crucial’ ligaments because it is important that the help the knee…

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  • Anterior Tibiofibular Ligament Research Paper

    Anterior Tibiofibular Ligament The anterior tibiofibular ligament is often referred to as the high ankle ligament, and it is the one that is damaged when the foot is stuck on the ground and rotated inwardly. The ankle is a hinge joint that connects the foot and the leg, allowing up and down movement. The tibia and fibula bones of the leg form a slot where the talus bone of the foot fits between them. The talus is held to the tibia and fibula by ligaments. Anterior Tibiofibular Ligament The…

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  • Lisfranc Injuries

    It is possible to dislocate the bones within the midfoot joint complex (aka Lisfranc joint) of the foot: This joint complex consists of the ligaments and bones that connect the forefoot to the midfoot. Lisfranc injuries include strains and tears to the ligament itself in addition to bone dislocations and fractures. The Role of the Midfoot As an individual walks, the midfoot is responsible for transferring the forces that the calf muscles generate to the front of the foot. Furthermore, the…

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  • Essay On Knee Injury

    knee injury in which a piece of the meniscus is torn. The meniscus is a thick, rubbery, wedge-shaped cartilage in the knee. Two menisci are located in each knee. They sit between the upper bone (femur) and lower bone (tibia) that make up the knee joint. Each meniscus acts as a shock absorber for the knee. A torn meniscus is one of the most common types of knee injuries. This injury can range from mild to severe. Surgery may be needed for a severe tear. CAUSES This injury may be caused by any…

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  • Knee Joint Research Paper

    Healthy joint The knee joint is a synovial joint and connects the femur to the tibia and consists of two joints the tibiofemoral joint, which joins the tibia to the femur and the patellofemoral joining the kneecap to the femur. These two joints work together to form a hinge joint allowing the knee to bend and straighten and to also rotate slightly from side to side. Muscles There are two main muscles groups of the knee, the hamstrings, quadriceps and muscles of the calf all work to flex,…

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  • Zygomatic Bone Case Study

    1.1 Introduction: The incidence of zygomatic complex fracture is relatively high. A thorough understanding of the diagnosis and the surgical principles are of critical importance. The zygomatic bone provides the facial appearance, through its cheek prominence. This prominence plays an important role in the protection of the eye. Moreover, the zygomatic bone acts as a strong buttress for the absorption and transmission of masticatory forces to the base of skull. Therefore, the optimum reduction…

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  • Cattle Muscle Analysis

    By looking at the fetal pig and its muscle structure, researchers and individuals are able to gain a better understanding of what human muscles look like, where they are located, and how they function. The muscles that were labeled in the dissection are important factors in the movement of the individual. The muscles work together though antagonism. Antagonism works when one muscle, such as the extensor carpi radialis contracts, and the flexor carpi radialis relaxes, allowing the hand to extend.…

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  • Essay On Golfer's Elbow

    Many people are familiar with sports that involve throwing a ball like baseball, softball, tennis, and golf; although these sports have nothing in common, they have one thing similar. Medial epicondylitis, also known as golfer’s elbow is an inflammation of the tendons in the inside park of the elbow. Although golfers elbow doesn’t seem sever like tearing an acl, an injury is an injury. Golfers elbow is extremely common in almost every sport, but it is frequently caused by extreme force or…

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