Depression Case Study Essay

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Eric Dickson, who has applied for disability, is 55 years old, and currently suffers from depression because he can 't work due to ongoing legs and knees conditions. He has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, b12 deficiency, and many other problems. Due to his conditions he cannot stand, or walk for long distances, and when walking long distances, he has to stop and catch his breath due to pain, at times is uncontrollable. When he is at home, laying or sitting down, his knee locks out, when he goes to stand up, he cannot do so without relying on his cane, or without relying on my shoulder or holding onto my arm in order to gain stability in order to stand up. He loses feeling in his legs and knees. He has had arthroscopic surgery several months ago, in which they went in and smoothed out some cartilage, fixed his meniscus tear, and a few other things. The pain since surgery is worse than it was before surgery. He was told that he would need a knee replacement, or at least a partial replacement, He was told it would be at least two to five years before he would become a candidate, for the …show more content…
The complex sat on a forty degree incline hill. Traveling up and down this incline, made his knee worse, and may it difficult for him to be confident to travel outside the household. When winter rolled around, due to failure of the apartments contractor the driveway, and sidewalk, was not scraped or shoveled, deicing salt also wasn’t used on the property. Ice and slippery conditions made the matters worse. This affected his personal and mental safety, coming in and out of the apartment. He fell several times this past winter due to the lack of the conditions that the apartment was in. We recently moved to another apartment, in which the driveway incline is not as bad, but there are still stairs we have to go up and down, and they are extremely hard on

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